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Friday, June 30, 2006

In Boiling Spring

Tonight I am in Boiling Springs, Pa at my son Chris' house. It is the start of a holiday weekend an the traffic around Penn State was getting bad. I'm glad we got through there early. We love our new van and the back seats fold down completely. It's a good thing because we already have the back filled up with paraphernalia for the trip , bathing suits, food ,etc. We will have a fun time at Smith Mountain Lake. I brought my camera so I can post some pictures at a later time. Right now Chris and Suzy are out getting Chinese take out. Later we will probably watch a movie. Then first thing tomorrow we are off to Roanoke for a family weekend.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grandkids are great!

Scott and Dan just spent two weeks visiting with us. They are amazing children. Scott has such a talent. He always carries a bookbag with him where ever he goes. He has a notebook and is always drawing or sketching. He is very creative and writes stories on the computer. Dan is so musical and has such a natural talent. He can play the piano easily. He is athletic and plays soccer this year. While they were here the boys and I built a horseshoe court. Dan practiced and made a ringer. Both boys helped out their grandpa by carrying shingles from the roof to the dumpster. It was so nice to have help. They love to play games and our favorites are Shang-hi and Marbles.

A Summer Day

My view out the window by the computer has drastically changed. No longer do I see the entire large back lawn with large elms and maples, but a structure instead blocks part of the view. We had an addition put onto the back of our house. We had been contemplating and analyzing for years if this would be the right move for us. We are retired now and most people downsize, but we felt the need finally for more room. Our ranch house never did have the extra space for guests. Even though there were many times we crowded people in for parties or overnights there wasn't space to spread out. So Memorial Day weekend the contractors broke ground. Now at the end of June their job is finished. The structure is done. Don wants to complete the roof and inside work on his own.