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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I didn’t ask them...really

Look what my sisters decided to do for me?  I have wanted this hallway painted for a while. It had an outdated color with stenciling...remember that?  They went to work and in one day it changed from rose to a light wheat color. So refreshed!

This picture was from my girlfriend and it looks much nicer in this location 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

We are always good for a laugh

No, these are not aliens from outer space. We are three women making the ultimate sacrifice of a collagen mask. I treated the girls to a bag full of makeup goodies.  Our faces did feel better afterwards. Diane said, “Do we look younger?”  Linda said, “It’s a mask, not a miracle.” 

Looking younger and refreshed we ventured to Ellicottville, New York for Taste of Ellicottville where vendors from nearby restaurants set up tents. We bought some tickets and walked around trying to find the best food. 

The choices were varied and Linda and I settled on a steak slider while Diane had salmon and beer Mac and cheese. For dessert at the Cupcake Factory we had a delicious selection of bars....lemon, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter oatmeal. 

After a free beer tasting we went to the Steelbound Brewery for a drink and chips and dip. 

We stopped at a farmer’s market on the way home for some fresh corn and after we take a rest we will make fajitas for dinner and then watch a movie. What a great way to spend time with my sisters. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

It’s sister time

Every summer my two sisters come up for a visit.  You can’t beat Bradford’s weather in the summer where the temperature usually is in the seventies. But with global warming these past few years have increased to the eighties. But it is still cooler than Virginia temperatures. They will be here tonight so if I’m MIA for this week don’t be alarmed. 
  This afternoon I am going to Mayville once more for another watercolor lesson. I so enjoy doing that and get satisfaction creating.  

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Ah, air

I really got to enjoy central air yesterday as the temperature reached ninty.  I hadn’t realized how hot the house gets and how we had to huddle in one cool room with a window air conditioner. Just being able to walk all through the cool house was amazing. And the Giggle Girls enjoyed being inside too. It has really made a difference. 
   Today I am going to friend’s home to help her with Facebook. I am happy to show her how to do something because I know sometimes it is easier to just be shown instead of having to figure it out yourself. I have been in situations on the computer where I have googled myself into a coma trying to solve a problem. 
   Later this afternoon is my weekly art class. I have enjoyed this weekly painting ritual and admit that my skills have improved with practice. It has brought me so much joy. 
   My job for today is cleaning the spare bedrooms in anticipation of my sister’s visit on Friday. We don’t have a lot planned for the week except on Sunday when we will be going to Erie for a dinner theater. It will be great to have them here. Then the next weekend Diane’s youngest son and family are coming. I love having people around and am looking forward to it. 

Downton Abbey, the movie, is in production with most of the original cast. Can’t wait. How I have missed looking forward every Sunday to Masterpiece Theater.

Monday, August 06, 2018

All ready for the Giggle Girls today. We will enjoy fresh fruit salad and 7 up cake.  

These two watercolors in the style of Monet are my largest attempts in my Mayville class. 

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Having less

I never understood my mother and my mother in law when asked what they wanted for their birthdays. They would reply “I don’t need anything.”  I couldn’t imagine that there wasn’t anything they didn’t need. Now I know. They had reached that point in life where having things wasn’t important. It wasn’t that they couldn’t have used a nice fluffy new set of towels. But it was that they were content with just what they had. 
    I think that is the state of life I am at right now. To my surprise. I love to shop...at least I always did. The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of bringing things home and finding a place for them in my house and the pride in making my home pleasant to the eye delighted me. So what has changed? I am trying to eliminate things from my life...less clothes, less decorations, less to take care of. Maybe it is the stage of life that I am in. Or maybe a change of attitude?