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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Tuesday

You know your day is going wrong when you go to the wrong place to meet your friends for coffee. Our coffee group has had the same schedule for years..Mon, Tues and Fri at the pastry shop..Wed at the Lighthouse and THurs and Sat at Perkins. Somehow I got confused today and was at the exit off the highway when I realized I was supposed to be downtown..The lucky thing is..our town is so very small that it only took me minutes to get turned around and find my way back. I’m blaming it on the fact that my mind is occupied (scared to death) with the impending extraction. Wish me luck.

pond Sept 014 summer table setting 010


I just wanted to show some happy summer pictures now. How I am longing for better weather. I know planting can’t be done until after Memorial Day but just thinking that soon it will be here (well, two months isn’t exactly soon, is it?) makes me feel better.

Just pictures

Just trying out these fonts and playing with picture placement.  sisters at the lake

This is a picture that I did in Photoshop awhile ago. I was learning to color parts of a picture. fountain pen and ink

french doors oil painting

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photography Class

I took a digital photography class so that I could learn more about manipulating photos and found that through my study at home with online tutorials and Photoshop that I was beyond the class. I don’t want to be critical but being a former teacher and supervising student teachers I know a good teacher when I meet one. This guy just didn’t cut it. His lessons had no structure and it was a matter of him telling us what to do vaguely and then letting us experiment without a lot of direction. I have one more class next week which I will skip because he said he isn’t going to teach just let us play. Too bad. It makes me even more motivated to continue to learn on my own. Here are just a few pics that I’m adding to this just to see how this windows Live writer eggs works.  snowman season out of the cold

Live writer is much easier

more sadie 006

Just trying out this new font to see how windows live writer works. This is really cool. I think I like this. It is easier to get a picture in and a lot faster.

The Tale of the Tooth

Tomorrow is the day I finally get my tooth pulled. It has been a long road since October when Dr. Volpe put the final crown on my molar. I had immediate pain and have off and on pain for months. We hoped the tooth could be saved but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I’ll just be glad for it to be out of my mouth so I can not have to live on Ibuprophen. Wish me luck.

Trying out Windows Live Writer

sadie and the snow 004

Can you see them? Yes, they are there. Look closely. It’s Tulips and daffodils trying hard to come up through the snow. Spring is trying desperately to come to Bradford.


Here it is..another Monday...and snow all over the ground. No one liked it but Sadie who was delighted and buried her nose in it, chased it around, and jumped at every hidden leaf. Ah, to have the exuberance of a puppy! We all should tackle life like that.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keeping us busy

Sadie is very curious and bites and plays with anything she can get her teeth on..leaves, toys, tarps, etc. She has learned to fetch her toys and bring them back to you.
Dog/cat conversation:
Sadie: "It's my lap."
Top Gun: "Oh, no I was here first!"

Scott and Sadie out on the courtyard.

OMG, I haven't blogged since Tuesday. That should tell you that Sadie has been keeping us busy. She is a lot of fun..and a lot of work, too. She loves to be with you all the time whether it is for playing or just curling up and sleeping on you. She has been very good. She can stay in the kitchen and behave herself while we are gone. We are working on the housebreaking which will take quite awhile. She loves it outside and likes her walks but just doesn't seem to get the idea of doing her business outside. It will come with age.

Chris and Scott were here for the weekend. Last night we went to see KNOWING in Olean and ate at Applebee's. The movie was ok, not great..I didn't like the ending. It's nice to have the boys home.

Tomorrow night is my photography class. I don't feel that I'm learning all that much since I already was into Photoshop. I have two more classes. I like to work on photos but it takes time to sit at the computer and go through the tutorials to learn how to do things. Lately I haven't had the time to do that. I'm thinking more about getting spring cleaning done so that I can enjoy the good weather when it gets here. We've had some warmer days and it certainly feels good. Today it's rainy off and on but you can go out without a coat and that feels nice.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dialogue between cat and dog: Sadie: "What are you doing up there, big boy? How about you and I having a play date?" Top Gun: "Get lost, Buster."

Mr. Top Gun has been king of the house for several years. Not that he doesn't mind a weekend invasion once in awhile of a visiting pet. But to find a bouncy, in your face puppy tormenting him was about all he could bear. To say nothing of the fact that daddy's lap was unavailable for the nightly snooze. He quickly asserted who was on the top of the food chain by showing a little claw when the tiny creature came near. Sadie tried her best to show that she wanted to be friends, even as much as running over and then falling on her belly. But Top Gun wasn't having any of it. He quietly retired to sleep in on the bed where he was sure not to be disturbed.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Those of you who know us best know that we've been talking about a puppy for a few years since we had to put down our beloved Athena. Yesterday we decided to go for a ride to Erie to eat at the Olive Garden and use up a few Christmas gift cards. After a little shopping at the mall I went over to the pet store just to check out the puppies. I wanted Don to have a look to see if he really wanted a Jack Russell. Just that morning they had gotten in a brother and sister from Missouri. We fell in love with Sadie. There are little rooms there where you can go and let the puppy down and play with it for awhile. When I had the Basenji in there she tore around and tried to chew up everything in sight. But when I let Sadie down she just sat there and begged me to pick her up again. It was evident that she had been loved and held. She just wanted some loving. WE couldn't resist. All the way home she slept quietly in my arms for 2 hours. She has been following us around and just wants to be where you are. She had a hard night since it was the first time in her life that she was alone all night. She howled after she was put in her condo. When I woke up at 4am she was hollering again so I got up, took her out and then let her play for an hour. Today she's loved going outside and running around and sleeping next to me. She looks a lot like our first rat terrier, Charlie, in markings. Top Gun who normally isn't bothered by dogs took a swipe at her when she tried to greet him. He just looks at her and lets out a meow. I hope there's room on our laps for both of them because he's used to being the Top one around here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Welcome to Tablescape Thursday hosted by our friend Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. We all look forward to visiting her site (click on the button at right) and traveling around the web to see the most amazing table settings.

Welcome to spring! It is fun to come back from a vacation (in Tennessee to celebrate our grandson's first birthday). I managed to slip in a little shopping at the Carolina Pottery in Knoxville. As soon as I got home I couldn't wait to set up a happy spring table.

The apple blossom garland with the nest in the center I got at Ashcombe's, one of my favorite places to shop near Carlisle in PA. My generous son had given me a gift certificate and I picked this out for my table. The little brown birds I found at the pottery. The cement bunny was a purchase near our home in Franklinville, NY.

When I got to Tennesse my sister had sent me a package. In it were these wonderful black and white placemats. I paired it with my Dollar Store dishes and black salad plate. I purchased the green napkins at the pottery (for only 50 cents apiece). I used one as a placemat. I loved the silver spoon napkin rings I found at the pottery too.


We had a beautiful day here in Bradford with temps in the sixties. The sunshine was glorious. My big event for the day was our Red Hat outing ..lunch at the Holiday House. We had heard that they were having trouble...some of their waitresses jumped ship to go to the Downbeat for better pay, but never expected lunch to take so long for our food. You shouldn't have to wait over an hour just to get sandwiches. It makes what should be an enjoyable time a little hairy. One of the problems with living in Bradford is that choices of restaurants is very, very limited. Our town has never heard of foccacia bread, dijon mustard, or many of the things that people in a bigger city take for granted when they go out for a meal. The menus are limited, the taste is limited, the service is limited. (And I'm being kind). It was good to see all the girls and get caught up on the news.
I stopped at the Library to get James Patterson's new book which I intend to sit down and read shortly. I wish my eye was better. As you know, I can't read with my left eye. THe letters are all twisted and I can't even make out one word. That puts a strain on my other eye. But I'm not giving up reading. I may have to go to large print books soon.
Don has been fishing at Lake Erie and has had two of the best days ever. I love to see him so happy when he comes home. This was just a typical day in the Karrasch household...a little of this, a little of that.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Spring in my Heart

It hasn't officially arrived...it's still a long way off...the weather is still cold....BUT

There is no snow!! Yeah!! I've started decorating for spring in my house. I'm so tired of winter. I got out the Easter decorations and put a few bunnies and eggs around the house. That cheered me up. This square wreath I found at a country store in Bradford, the insert of the bird is from Michael's.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Favorite photos

I love the blue, blue eyes!

The boy's got rhythm!


I can't believe it's Saturday already and I haven't posted since last Tuesday. It's been a quiet week, just catching up from the trip and doing a lot of reading. I needed to take some time for myself. Today I'm going to the movies with some friends to see Taken and do a little shopping at the Olean Mall.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jenny had a special small cake made that had a Mickey Mouse topper. Sean dug right in without prompting and loved the sweetness of the cake.

This has got to be my favorite picture. Sean was absolutely fascinated with the balloons, especially the Mickey Mouse one.

We are so lucky! Last week we went to Tennessee to celebrate Sean's first birthday! Chris and Scott were there too so we had almost all the family together. What a great time. Ryan and Jenny did a great job for the party. The Mickey Mouse theme was carried out in the decorations, tablecloths, plates, and balloons.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm having a wonderful time on my vacation. LOL I saw this pic online and had to share. WOuldn't this be heaven? REally, I am having a great time with the baby today. Keeping an eye on him while Ryan and Don work in the shop on the model airplane. Later we're going to Pigeon Forge (shopping of course). It's beautiful here and promises to be seventy or more over the weekend. Yipee! This is just what I needed! My lovely sister Linda had a surprise package waiting for me when I got here. There was a spring wreath and birdie, a delightful candle, some black and white placemats , and some black and white napkins with my initial. I have the most thoughtful sister in the world. She always knows when I need a pick me up and is there for me. Thanks, Linda.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Photos from class

Linda and Diane on a tropical island.
Here is my project for my photography class. It's Don and I in Tuscany.