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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Papa and Sean

tennessee feb 10 089 tennessee feb 10 091 We are back from Tennessee by way of Virginia and Boiling Springs, PA. It was a lot of miles but so enjoyable. There is nothing better than visiting with your family. This week I’ll be putting up some pictures that I took while we were away. We had the most fun with Sean. I was able to babysit him for two days while Jenny and Ryan worked. He is the best child I have ever seen. He has a great temperament and is so easy going. He plays so well alone or with you and hardly ever cries except when he’s tired. I love these two pictures of Sean and Don. He is perfectly able to feed himself, but it was fun for us helping him out. We probably set him back a little because we doted of him so much.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Visiting in Tennessee

Hello from East Tennessee! Today I've had a chance to get on the computer and catch up on my blog. We arrived here Thursday evening about quarter to eight after a really long, long, drive. It's very tiring to drive over 12 hours but well worth it when we were met on the porch by Jenny and Sean. Ryan had a meeting so he came later. Ryan and Jenny had just gotten a dog from the Humane Society and Sox was in her crate barking up a storm when she spied Sadie. We let them get introduced and soon they became best friends. Sox and Sadie have had a great time playing together. We have to give them time out to keep them away from playing too much. It's so nice that Ryan's backyard is large, flat, and fenced in. Sadie can go out the doggie door and run the full length of the yard. Of course, being as smart as she is, she first ran all the way around the perimeter of the fence just to make sure there wasn't an opening where she could escape.
Yesterday we took Sean for a haircut. I will post the pictures later, but I have to say that he was the best behaved kid I've ever seen. He sat so still and patiently waited until she was all done. His hair wasn't real long, just a little out of shape and looked like a big boy haircut when it was done.
Friday evening was our 44th anniversary and Ryan and Jenny took us to the Gondolier, an Italian restaurant nearby. Great food and good cheesecake too.
Today Don and Ryan are working on putting in a new free standing shower for them which involved a couple trips to Lowe's.
I am having the best time playing with Sean. Tomorrow after Jenny gets finished teaching she has a dr's appointment in Knoxville and we will do some shopping at my favorite stores.
Even though it's raining here today it's not really too cold and I'm liking that. On Friday eve when we went out we barely needed a coat. a far cry from the freezing weather at home.
Hello to all at home and I will see you soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday celebration

Today we celebrated Yrsa’s birthday by taking her to lunch at Beefeaters. It’s always nice when Kay, Linda, Yrsa, and I get together and we had a great lunch with a trip to Walmart afterwards.
   Today it is only 27 degrees with cloudy and cold skies. I am starting to pack for our trip to Tennessee. I’m hoping that the weather will be considerable warmer there. It is so refreshing to get out of this weather and down where the sun shines. It improves the mood considerably. And I’m going to see my son, daughter in law and grandson which is so great. It will be a really fun week.
scott and snowball 1

Monday, January 18, 2010

I can dream, can’t I?

No, the lion fountain isn’t running but I’m dreaming of a time last summer when it was. We had such an enjoyable time on our back courtyard last summer. It wasn’t a great summer…..too cold and rainy….but when we did get a warm night I loved to sit out back and enjoy the water flowing from the fountain. It was perfect in the backyard with the lights, fountains, and pond. We’d light a fire and make s’mores. We loved it when family and friends joined us.
Speed Star 1.1245793  00

   Today it is cold around 35, and a few grassy patches show us that spring will not be too long off. I went to water aerobics this morning at the YMCA. I love being in the water and I think I’ve found an exercise that I enjoy. I need structure and I like it that the instructor keeps us moving the whole hour that I’m there. The only thing missing is the music. It was advertised to be aerobics to music but so far there hasn’t been any. I think I’d like it even more if there were music involved. today I will begin packing for our trip to Tennessee.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

IT’s not too early for birds, is it?

Don’t you love Pottery Barn? Last Tuesday I went shopping in Buffalo at the Galleria Mall. One of my favorite stores to visit is Pottery Barn. It’s Christmas table was an inspiration for my decorating this year. Now they are putting out their spring things and there was a bird print pillow that I loved but would be too big for my couch. When I walked to the back of the store where they have their table decorations there was a table set with placemats made out of the same bird print. I fell in love all over again and had to bring them home for my table.
bird placemats 003 bird placemats 006 bird placemats 001 bird placemats 002
Some things are too pretty to be put away after Christmas. I love this Amaryllis. It’s bold red color is just what my room needs this time of year.
bird placemats 004
Here is the view looking out my sunroom window. We still have a lot of snow.
bird placemats 005 


Did you notice the new change in my blog today? I am trying a new layout which allows the pictures to be bigger and have less background. I  miss the cute backgrounds so I’ll try this out for awhile and see how I like it.                                                                          It’s a quiet Saturday at the Karrasch household today. January seems to be the time when little jobs like organizing the jewelry is a good idea. This morning I decided to move all my jewelry boxes to my bedroom instead of in a dresser in the spare room. It took a while but was very satisfying to look at some necklaces and earrings that I had hidden. I don’t wear as much jewelry now that I’m not teaching and don’t go out as often. Most of the time in the morning I have on my exercise clothes and don’t need a lot of embellishment. It’s so nice when I get to go somewhere to put on a pretty necklace and earring set.   I’ve tried many methods of organization over the years but I think this works the best for me.

Here are my bracelets hung on a tie hanger.

jewelry 015
The necklaces are hung on a special holder that I ordered from Lillian Vernon many years ago.

jewelry 011 jewelry 012 jewelry 013 jewelry 014

         In the drawers are some of my sets and my craft boxes which I find make excellent earring holders.    

Monday, January 11, 2010


Would you care for a cup of tea by the fire? The temperature is only 14 degrees and the snow is covering the ground with more snow on the way. Just snuggle here with me and enjoy the warmth of a teacup in your hand. Let’s dream of summer days and use this time for reading and projects. Even these cold days are to be enjoyed. This is Bradford, and this is January. Can you expect any less? Here, have another cup of tea.
tea by the fire 005  tea by the fire 007 tea by the fire 008 tea by the fire 010  tea by the fire 002  tea by the fire 006 tea by the fire 003

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Everyone on the East Coast is in the deep freeze from Maine to Florida, including us in Western Pennsylvania. The thermometer this morning read –4 when I got up. It’s a good day to make a casserole and I have a chicken, broccoli, and cheese dish in the oven. It’s sunny out today but don’t let that fool you. It’s mighty cold out there. That won’t stop me from going out however to see the new George Clooney movie, up in the Air. I think I’ll post some summer pictures to remind me that better days are coming. 
sunflowers mosaic flowers picket fence with flowers season summer for blog

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Oh, I wish I were eloquent! I came across this post from Heidi and it expressed exactly how I feel about January. I added a few things and changed a few things but her words tell what is in my mind.

“January, January” …..for me this month is all about “home”. After a couple months of enjoying the company of others, as well as taking part in all that the holiday season has to offer…..I am now ready to keep January all to myself. At this time of year I wish to hibernate if you will. I want to keep to myself, in my own little home, with my own little family. I want to “batten-down-the-hatches”, light a fire & snuggle into the softest chair I own….I live in an area with very cold winter temperatures that last a long time, it makes no difference in my world . I still get up every morning to exercise and meet my friends for coffee, do my errands, and play with my dog.
In January, I immerse myself in home projects, usually involving my art or music. I play the piano or draw or make glass and metal charms.

In January, I plan meals of hot, bubbling soups & slow cooked recipes found in the pages of old cookbooks, & ones always accompanied by crusty loaves of bread.
In January, I renew my commitments to “take time for myself” & remind myself once again that the word “no” can be the most valuable tool in avoiding an overbooked & stressful life. I renew my vows to eat healthier and take better care of myself.
In January, I claim a tiny corner of this world just for me.....one that
is calm & peaceful & all mine.

Thank you to Heidi Devlin for her wonderful words

Bosc_Pear .

Friday, January 08, 2010

Even wonder what pets do on cold days?

sadie and kitty 002 sadie and kitty 005 sadie and kitty 001

Sadie, what did you do?

Oh, what did “She who will not be ignored” do now? While I was on the computer Sadie found a distraction. She pulled the stuffing from my needlepoint pillow.  Bad Sadie!
bad sadie 002 bad sadie 003 bad sadie 001

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


As we begin 2010 I would like to welcome all those visiting from Between Naps on the Porch hosted by Susan. She has made Thursdays the best day of the week when we can travel all over the country and see fantastic tables, great centerpieces, and all kinds of dishes. 
       My January table was inspired by the two new hurricane lamps that were Christmas presents. I put some silver vine balls around them for Christmas and couldn’t stand to put them away afterwards. You may also recognize the trifle bowl with pears and moss.
tablescape january 09 041 tablescape january 09 039 tablescape january 09 006
I set the table with woven brown rustic looking placemats which seemed to fit somehow the mood of the table. The holiday dishes with holly leaves and beautifully shaped mugs will continue to spread cheer this month.
tablescape january 09 003 tablescape january 09 004 tablescape january 09 012
The candleier has white tablescape january 09 035 pepperberries, a bow, and some pears hanging from it. And I couldn’t yet put away the crystal wreaths on the back of the chairs.
tablescape january 09 034
tablescape january 09 036 tablescape january 09 015 
tablescape january 09 011
The brown and green napkins are held with leaf rings that I found at Coldwater Creek. The flatware is Jennifer Farrell and was found at Big Lots. The little moss trees were made by placing sheet moss over dollar store trees. (I got the idea from one of you wonderful crafters out there)
tablescape january 09 016 tablescape january 09 044 tablescape january 09 045
I hope you enjoyed my winter table and will come back and visit soon.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A cold january day

Brrr…it’s cold today..eighteen degrees. It was a busy morning with my workout, coffee with friends, then a trip to Walmart and a haircut. The day is half over and I’m just taking a break before I begin laundry. Don is muzzleloader hunting in Clarion today. Afterwhile I’m going to read a new David Baldacci book.

Monday, January 04, 2010

A new week…a new year

Aren’t new beginnings fun. I love the Oprah Winfrey quote part of which says, “ another chance to get it right”. It’s a chance to make anew those dreams. 2010 can be the year that makes a difference. And it can be a year of acceptance. At the age of 65 I think that I am not going to change in some ways. My brain is solidified in my thinking about certain things and even though there is room for growth, my attitudes are firm. And yet, I can dream that the outer body can change to a place of energy and health. So I’ll work on that this year. Today Don is cutting up the deer he got with his muzzleloader while I am catching up on cleaning, putting away the Christmas things, and laundry. It is a cold, snowy day with the bitterness to continue all week long. A good week just to sit inside.