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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Goodbye 2010. It’s time to let the old year go and welcome in a new time. Each day of last year brought new adventures and new challenges. There was excitement of trips to visit with family and vacations in Charleston and Savannah. There were worrisome times when Don had his aneurysm surgery and I dealt with some health issues. There were special days that you would love to live over and over and ones that you hope you will never have again. I call my blog Season to season because each season rolls around no matter what is going on in your life. The permanence and reliability of nature reminds us that life does go on and we are here to be just a small part of it. It has a way of humbling us, keeping us grounded. A tender snowfall, a quick spring storm, a blistering day or a gust of fall wind says….stop…..notice…..enjoy in your life. Take a deep breath.
  May your 2011 be the happiest times of your life. May you face all your troubles with confidence to know that you can handle it all and persevere. May you always know, my friends, that there is abundance of love. From me to you, Happy New Year. I’m stealing a new Year’s resolution from my wise friend, Linda…….”Be good to yourself….Be good to others”
   Let’s take a little trip back to 2010 in pictures.

Januarybathtime at chris'
 peg on beach


There is nothing more fun than having my friends in. This week I had an afternoon Christmas party for my friends. The table was laden with so much delicious food that I had to use the large table to hold it all.
christmas party with the girls 2010 014
We gathered around the table in the sunroom. The little candles on the table with a musical wrap were gifts for the guests.
christmas party with the girls 2010 023
christmas party with the girls 2010 024
christmas party with the girls 2010 020
christmas party with the girls 2010 019
christmas party with the girls 2010 017 christmas party with the girls 2010 022
christmas party with the girls 2010 015
What a merry Christmas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

More Christmas fun!

On Christmas eve Sean opened his gift from Uncle Chris. It was a complete woody costume including chaps, hat, map, and canteen. He loved it!
christmas 2010 040 christmas 2010 042christmas 2010 044 We couldn’t forget Sadie.

christmas 2010 046
christmas 2010 047 Sara got a gloworm.
And Scott got a new drumset, some sticks and a double bass pedal. Dan is president of the caving club at Penn State and loved his gear.
christmas 2010 061

christmas 2010 066
Uncle Chris got Sara this cute hat. Nan just couldn’t put her down a minute.

christmas 2010 065christmas 2010 070
christmas 2010 074christmas 2010 079christmas 2010 081 christmas 2010 086
Relaxing in the hot tub. Sean goes all the way under the water.
christmas 2010 092christmas 2010 093

Christmas Fun!

This is Sean’s first time in the snow. After putting on his new boots and snowpants he went outside sled riding with the other boys.

christmas 2010 012

christmas 2010 013

christmas 2010 015

christmas 2010 018

Nana and Linda stayed in the house and put chocolate on the butterfinger candy.
christmas 2010 020
Even TopGun enjoyed the season.
christmas 2010 022
christmas 2010 029
Of course, Nana couldn’t resist giving Sean an early Christmas present. He loved to plaly Cootie.

Then there was the Christmas eve feast!

christmas 2010 034 christmas 2010 035

christmas 2010 037

christmas 2010 038