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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It was a very bad year

I just need to say this. I have had a rough year and a half. Just when i think things are going to get better, they don't. I have tried all the positive self talk and the optimistic thinking I can muster, but I must admit that I have just about had it! Maybe just getting this off my chest will help. Here is the list of the awful things that have happened to me. Don's father was diagnosed with lung cancer and died last March. In April I started having trouble swallowing and choking on food. In May I had surgery on my head for basal cell carcinoma spending a bad summer healing. In August I had a blood disorder where my blood wouldn't clot and went through extensive testing for that which turned out to be the natural state for my body. In November Don's mother passed and in January my father fell and went into a coma and passed. Then I had a cyst in my eye from the stress which has led to a hole in the retina which now has to have an operation. The year hasn't been all bad. There were highlights. My son's marriage and putting on our addition were such happy times. I'm ready to let the good times roll.