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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Three Sisters

Here we are...the three of us. Everytime we are together we renew our love for each other. We can't wait for the opportunity to visit together even though it is only a few times a year. This time it was at Linda's house to help her with her garage sale. We celebrated our Septmeber birthdays. Linda made a pumpkin roll which we enjoyed eating. Dad made us the witch's shoes which say..if the shoe fits...! Of course, there was the obligatory shopping trip. I had great luck finding curtain material for my new bathroom in the addition. I found a curtain rod, a brushed nickle waste paper basket, and a nickle soap pump. I have a design in mind for the bathroom and can't wait until I can get it all together. I also visited with Chris and the boys. It was so much fun to hear Dan play in the band and see Scott with his new bird. I love going down to stay with them for a weekend.