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Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a little Christmas, right this very minute!

christmas at home sunroom 043 The sunroom is completely decorated. I’ve really enjoyed decorating the new hutch.
christmas at home sunroom 027
I love the shape of these mugs given to me by my sister Linda.
christmas at home sunroom 029
Last year I made a few of these glass blocks for gifts.
christmas at home sunroom 030
Sister Diane gave me this white soup tureen.
christmas at home sunroom 025

christmas at home sunroom 053
My theme this year is a garden Christmas. I decorated the baker’s rack with white and green and the photo of my mom and dad kissing.
christmas at home sunroom 057
christmas at home sunroom 055

The wreaths are hung at the French doors.
christmas at home sunroom 061 
I added lime green napkins to the table.

christmas at home sunroom 046

christmas at home sunroom 034
All ready for company..won’t you join me?

Time with the grandchildren

It’s always fun when I get to be with all my grandchildren. I had so much fun I didn’t take many pictures. Here are a few from Tennessee.

Sean likes to play the drums. Scott is very musical and plays the drums and guitar.

tn thanksgiving 2010 013
tn thanksgiving 2010 015

tn thanksgiving 2010 016

We spent a day in Pigeon Forge where the guys rode the go carts and Dan went bungee jumping.

tn thanksgiving 2010 022
tn thanksgiving 2010 021
It was so nice that day we didn’t even need a sweater.

tn thanksgiving 2010 020
tn thanksgiving 2010 023

tn thanksgiving 2010 030

tn thanksgiving 2010 031
Sean rode the kiddie rides.

tn thanksgiving 2010 037
Sara is an excellent baby!
tn thanksgiving 2010 039
tn thanksgiving 2010 060
tn thanksgiving 2010 066
Ryan and Chris “horsing around”.

tn thanksgiving 2010 069

tn thanksgiving 2010 081

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Crazy hair!

Sean doesn’t look only two, does he?

baby Sara Madison is getting bigger!


You can’t help but think of gratitude this week of Thanksgiving. Thanks-giving. How easy it is to take our comforts for granted and assume that everyone’s life is the same as yours. But the news says it’s not. The tv says it’s not. Pictures of homeless people all over the world tells you that you are lucky, fortunate, blessed. All the misfortunes only touch you in little ways. Get on your knees and thank God that you have so much to be thankful for in this trying time of the world. Appreciate the small things in life. They are gifts served to you every day if you will just notice them. I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for:

someone to kiss goodnight and stand by me when things get a little rough,
family that I look forward to seeing, enjoy their company, and am sad when they leave,
friends who hear your every happiness and trouble and offer a shoulder,
a home..more than a piece of real estate, a place where I can come and know that I am secure and protected,
peace of mind…to know that life is good
to get up in the morning and be able to live the day the way I want,
To be free, and not to take those freedoms for granted
to enjoy the passing of time, the stages of my life each one different

How blessed I am. How very blessed.

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


Saturday, November 20, 2010


I’ve never decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. What got into me this year? I guess the fact that I will be gone for Thanksgiving and won’t have a chance to do it and will be tired when we get back made me think….why not now? So today I got out the decorations from the attic and began. I almost completed my sunroom today and more will follow tomorrow. It was fun to decorate my new hutch. This year my theme was a garden Christmas. I used a lot of green and white with accents of red. I’m in the Christmas spirit for sure.

christmas decorating early 003

christmas decorating early 004

christmas decorating early 007christmas decorating early 005
  Please excuse the cords, I’m not quite finished yet.

christmas decorating early 008

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It was just one of those days

Do you find yourself too busy to get to the computer some days? That’s me today. Here it is almost 8 o’clock and time for Survivor and I hadn’t taken a moment to blog. I really don’t think you would be interested in hearing how I went to water aerobics and did laundry. I didn’t take a picture to put on the blog either. I have got to start taking my camera with me wherever I go. 
  I wish I had it with me this afternoon when I went to Frannie’s house to practice our Literary Club play. Seven of us are doing an adaptation of The Christmas Cookie Club as a book review. It would have been fun to take a picture..we did so much giggling! But the greatest picture would have been the excitement down the street. There were police cars and ambulances and there were even gunshots. Three simultaneous drug busts happened in Bradford today. There were even snipers and SWAT on the roofs of the buildings downtown. Our town has a big drug problem so I hope they caught everyone.
  So no picture today. Sorry.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


new hutch 001 

It’s always fun to visit my sister Linda in Fredericksburg, Virginia. One of our favorite places to go is to Snow Creek Farm. A few weekends a year the owner opens up her house for visitors and displays a wonderful assortment of items for sale.

new hutch 002
As you walk toward the house this bicycle full of greens is leaning on the fence.

new hutch 003
This lovely driveway leads to the house.

new hutch 004
As we get closer you can be tempted by the merchandise sitting outside.

new hutch 005
I wonder how we resisted that iron chaise.

new hutch 006
Every room on the inside was filled with wonderful Christmas gifts.

new hutch 007
Out on the back porch were country Christmas kitchen items.

new hutch 008
Our delightful hostess always provides hot cider and homemade cookies for our enjoyment. (Thank you so much, they were delicious).

new hutch 012
To complete the ambience there are chickens pecking in the dirt (in the center of the picture).

new hutch 013
Inside there was a cherry hutch which caught my eye.

new hutch 014
It happened to be for sale and amazingly it fit in the back of my van. It made the trip to Pennsylvania safely and was a great addition to my sunroom.

new hutch 015
Don got to work polishing all the nooks and crannies.

new hutch 036
And hanging a picture that we had to move.

new hutch 035
Looking into the sunroom you can see how perfectly it fits in the room.

new hutch 018
Tomorrow I will take the time to arrange my object de art on the shelves.

new hutch 025
new hutch 029
new hutch 033
The room is complete now. I can’t wait to decorate the hutch for Christmas. If you get a chance be sure to visit Snow Creek Farm. It’s a delight!