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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bank

Between the raindrops Don and Tim have been working on our landscaping projects around the pond. What was once just a grassy bank is turning into a landscaped area. I am planting mostly perennials and I hope that they come back next year. Not much is in bloom yet but here are some pictures.
the bank 014 
This picture is looking at the pond and shows the area outside the picture window. I am planning to put a weeping cherry tree over there and a cement birdbath. Today Don finished the wall and did some other stone work.
the bank 016
This is the right side of the pond. I put the large gate at the top of the stairs. The clematis is in bloom. There is one for each side of the gate and hopefully it will fill in and cover the large gate.
the bank 019
The creeping juniper is at the top of the waterfall. It only gets 6 inches tall put spreads. That is really the only evergreen in the garden. The plumcherry is to the left and behind is the coneeaster bush.

the bank 018
The orange daylillies remained from the old landscape but the hydranga is new along with the Russian sages.
the bank 013 the bank 020 the bank 011 the bank 010

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Which tablescape is more me?

Here are two tablescapes? Which one do you think I like best? Number one or number two?

jungle tablescape 018

jungle tablescape 017

If you picked the first one you are right. I like the exotic look over the summer pastels.

You’ve got to watch her every minute!

Last week I decided that corn on the cob would be great for dinner so I bought 5 ears at the grocery store. I carried the bags in the house and set them on the floor before putting the groceries away. When I went to peel the corn later I noticed I had only 4 ears there. What a mystery. Where was the missing ear?……………jungle tablescape 015


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Uh-OH! Boo-boo!

Poor baby! Sean broke his wrist. Ryan was tossing him down on the bed (like he always does when they play) and he landed wrong on the memory foam and began to cry hard. They thought it was his shoulder but took him to the ER where the xray showed that he had small fractures on his radius and ulna. He has a splint cast but has to go to a specialist to get a cast on in a few days.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sadie loves to dig in the dirt…the deeper the hole the more fun she is having. After a good time outdoors she was completely mud from nose to tail and needed a bath. She loves the water and never objects to getting in the tub. In fact, she will jump in while you are having a shower if you’d let her. She thinks that drying her off is a time to play tug with the towel. She’s such a rascal.
sadie bath 013 sadie bath 011 sadie bath 012

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It’s a Dog’s Life

More on the Chronicles of Sadie….As you know we got a jack Russell terrier about four months ago. Yes, we knew they were an energetic breed, but I planned on walking her and having Don play with her. Little did we know that health issues would put us at a disadvantage for all that. Well, I must say that she has coped very well with her new owners and learned to behave (at least most of the time). Right now she is out laying in the sun on the courtyard. She loves it outdoors and I can’t wait until we have a fenced in area for her to run in. Although she was allowed freedom to run with the big dogs when we were visiting the lake, I wouldn’t dare let her lose in our neighborhood. Any bird, chipmunk, or person walking on the road would totally distract her. She is very smart and has learned to sit and fetch. She understands “no” and “bad dog” too. (Especially after tearing all the stuffing out of her new toy or chewing up my shoe.) She is a joy and such company for me. Here are some pictures. dan's graduation 008 dan's graduation 003 dan's graduation 005

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It’s time for our favorite day of the week when we can bounce from site to site looking at wonderful tablescapes all thanks to Susan. Just go to her blog: Betweennapson theporch.blogspot.com and you can participate in all the fun.

tablescape june 11 09 015 tablescape june 11 09 019 tablescape june 11 09 012 tablescape june 11 09 013

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What a great time we had at the lake this year. Here are a few pictures from the trip.
dan's graduation 047 dan's graduation 025 dan's graduation 026 dan's graduation 028 dan's graduation 030 dan's graduation 031 dan's graduation 038 dan's graduation 044 dan's graduation 041


dan's graduation 011

What a happy day! My grandson, Dan, graduated from Boiling Springs high School. He was really surprised when he was awarded a plaque from the Social Studies department for being an exceptional student.

dan's graduation 022

Doesn’t he look happy? He will be attending Penn State main campus next year for mechanical engineering.

dan's graduation 018
Here is Dan with the letters that he earned this year…academic excellence, soccer, and track.

dan's graduation 020

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


On Thursday we will be off to Dan’s graduation and a visit with my sister for the weekend near Roanoke. It will be so nice to getaway. It’s been awhile since we were off on a trip. Tomorrow I will spend the day packing and gathering things for the trip. It will be so nice to be with family again. This is a picture from last year. I must remember to take my bathing suit…it will probably be hot down there. Unfortunately Diane will be selling this house soon to move to Winston-Salem. 

lake house july 2008 002