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Monday, July 26, 2010


We also toured upstairs at the Big House and saw the bedrooms that the Dorn family and their children used.

 glendorn 045 glendorn 046 glendorn 049

The children’s room had many bunk beds and a wonderful decorating sense.
glendorn 058 glendorn 059 glendorn 061
We also were able to tour two “cabins”. One had 6 bedrooms and the other newly remodeled one had 8. They were luxurious.

glendorn 052

A wall of family photos.

glendorn 056

glendorn 066

glendorn 073 glendorn 075

glendorn 071

glendorn 091

glendorn 093 glendorn 095

 glendorn 105glendorn 106 glendorn 108

glendorn 107 glendorn 112

glendorn 114 glendorn 119glendorn 116 glendorn 115 glendorn 118

glendorn 099 glendorn 070

The newly appointed accommodations, Richards cabin welcomes you with “Serengeti charm”. The ambiance of the entire accommodation is enhanced with the use of leather, bamboo, and Tiffany. Unique wall coverings and themed accessories complete the safari look.


Welcome to Glendorn!

We are lucky to have such a beautiful 5 diamond resort like Glendorn in our town. Today I went with my friend Kay and her Red hat group to have lunch at Glendorn and tour the property.
glendorn 006
After entering the gate we drove down a wooded driveway and were led to a  sparkling small lake where osprey flew above and Canadian geese families swam in the waters.
glendorn 016 
Three large tables of eight were set with Toile cloths and grape and ivy designed dishes. The food platters kept coming and coming. The menu consisted of : field green salad with heirloom tomatoes, Glendorn potato salad, ham sandwiches and turkey sandwiches with stone ground mustard on homemade white bread, pulled pork barbeque sandwiches on homemade rolls, melon medley, and apple cake and brownies for dessert.
glendorn 015

glendorn 011
After lunch we drove down to the
“Big House” and toured.
glendorn 017

glendorn 024 glendorn 022 These log cabins were anything but rustic with their fresh flower arrangements and crisp linens.
glendorn 031 glendorn 033 glendorn 029
glendorn 041

Saturday, July 24, 2010


My sister and her husband are in town for the weekend. They came up last night along with Jeff’s   chodrows dancing 015 chodrows dancing 016 chodrows dancing 017 brother and wife, Elizabeth. We had a perfect night. The summer heat didn’t keep us from having a fire and making s’mores. We also had lemon cake topped with my homemade blueberry sauce. The soft music enticed Diane and Jeff to get up and dance on the courtyard. Of course, Sadie had to take a swim and show off her skills. It was a fabulous evening.
   The house was all cleaned for company.
chodrows dancing 006 chodrows dancing 001 chodrows dancing 002 chodrows dancing 003 chodrows dancing 004 chodrows dancing 005
And the table was set.

chodrows dancing 013 chodrows dancing 008 chodrows dancing 009 chodrows dancing 012 This morning we met at Grandma’s House, a local tea shop and then visited a few of Bradford’s local stores. It was fun spending time with my sister.