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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A visit to Boiling Springs

It’s always fun to go to Boiling Springs to visit my son and his family.
elk 024
Scott is taking guitar lessons and sounds really good.

elk 031
Alex put a Halloween scarf on Sadie.

elk 030

elk 032

elk 036
Chris grilled some burgers for us.

elk 040
On the way home we stopped by Benzette to see the elk and were surprised to find this bull and 5 females right near the road. He wasn’t even bothered that cars were stopping and people were taking his picture.
elk 050
elk 041
elk 049

Just a cabin in the woods

Don has been helping Jack Giering, a friend from Knox, build a hunting stand/cabin in the woods near his home. Every day Don traveled almost two hours each way to work on this project. It’s almost complete now and will make a great place to hunt deer.
elk 018 elk 011 elk 017

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Karrasch Cafe

Today was the girls lunch at my house. I had a surprise for the girls when they got here. It was a participatory feast. I handed each girl an apron and had them help make the lunch. Yrsa was in charge of making Angels in Heaven an angel food pasta dish with pine nuts, spinach, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. Kay made the salad with mixed baby greens, strawberries, mandarin oranges, mixed dried berries, with warm Poppyseed dressing served with Parmesan round crisps. Linda’s job was the Sausage Wellington made with crescent dough wrapped around sausage and cream cheese with sesame seeds on top. It was a full meal along with multigrain artisan bread, honey butter and a pumpkin layered mousse. We had a great time…even Sadie who finally settled down.
luncheon 031 The table was set with the dishes that the girls gave me for my birthday.
luncheon 019 I gave each of the girls a baking mix (blueberry, pumpkin or cranberry muffin), a kitchen towel and small utensil.
luncheon 022 luncheon 020 luncheon 021 luncheon 025 luncheon 028
luncheon 027

Monday, October 19, 2009

Water Aerobics

water aerobics This morning I went down to the YMCA to try out water aerobics. Since I turned 65 I am eligible for the Silver Sneakers program sponsored by my insurance  company to instill wellness habits in the “older” folks. There were about 12 ladies in the pool and one of them was the temporary instructor due to the illness of a child of the regular instructor. First we used weights that were made of foam, but really had a lot of resistance in the water. We passed weighted balls and did exercises using a foam board. There was a lot of twisting, and aerobic moving and I must say I was completely worn out by the hour’s end. They meet every M-W-F but I’m not sure how often I will go.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

A snowy backyard

Button up your overcoat. Winter has come early in my backyard. Are you finding yourself singing Winter wonderland yet? Yesterday I got two calls wishing me a Merry Christmas. As much as we grumble about the snow…we stand in awe of its beauty.winter october 026 winter october 027 winter october 028

You’ve got to admit….it’s beautiful!

winter october 030

winter october 031
winter october 029


Welcome to fall in Bradford! We awoke this morning to the contrast of snow covering the colored leaves.
Sadie and I decided to go for a walk in the nearby Willow Dale Cemetery. She wore her new winter coat and jumped in the snow and pulled at the leash to get a sniff of some little animal who found shelter under a bush. It was so beautiful there with snow on the trees. Our first snowfall was spectacular!
winter october 011 winter october 016 winter october 010 winter october 013 winter october 016  winter october 022 winter october 014 winter october 025 winter october 017 winter october 015

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ready for winter, Sadie?

sadie in winter 004 
This picture of the courtyard looks pretty nice, doesn’t it? Well, what you don’t see is all the fine snow coming down fast. You don’t feel the 31 degree temperature and the wind. Yes, it’s fall/winter in Bradford. It comes early, even before the leaves have changed and fallen. We are hoping for an Indian summer, but the forecast doesn’t look good..snow, snow and more snow. It was time to bundle up Sadie when she goes for her walks.
sadie in winter 010
Here she is in her winter jacket..notice the fur collar. When we went for our walk this afternoon she didn’t even mind that she had a coat on. It kept her from getting wet from all those snowflakes.
sadie in winter 011
And this is her sweater with a snowflake on the back. She actually likes this one. She is definitely a Bradford dog.
sadie in winter 002
This is a picture Don took before I read the book, Leader of the Pack. Sadie, and Top Gun too love to sleep on the back of the sofa. Now I know that it was a sign of a dominant dog so she can’t do that anymore.