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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Journal prompt

My son and I were discussing the lack of intelligent television shows. We are hoping the fall lineup will offer something besides really stupid reality shows and laugh tracked sitcoms. The journal prompt I came across today was...what are your favorite tv shows past and present. 
  Here would be my list of past shows that I loved a lot and couldn't wait to see each week...
west Wing
American Bandstand..who didn't run home from school to find out about the latest dances
The Carol Burnett show..a great variety show
I love Lucy 
Mission impossible
The twilight Zone

Current favorites include..

Top chef
Gray's Anatomy
The real housewives
Downton Abbey

What are your favorites?

Like little fish

Just give a kid some water and they can entertain themselves for hours. Sean and Sara love swimming.  Sean is a great swimmer and even Sara likes to get her hair wet.  Makes me want to jump right in!


Occasionally some bloggers will issue a challenge. Sometimes it's a photography challenge...for instance post pictures of the backs of things. And other times its questions. This one intrigued me. 

Who was your favorite teacher and why?
  My favorite teacher has to be Mr. ray Giering  he was not only my seventh grade teacher and principal of my elementary school but also my neighbor. He was cool. He was such an amazing teacher who used many techniques to teach us information like games and fun things to do. Because we went to elementary school up to seventh grade he realized we needed social activities as well and periodically had dances in the school gym. He printed out a dance card and we girls would go around and get boys to sign our sheets and promise a dance to us. He would have special dances like the bunny hop and Hokey Pokey. He also instituted clubs during the winter for us. I was in the dance club and learned to waltz and jitterbug. Ray eventually went on to teach at Clarion State Teacher's College and I was lucky to have him teach me again while I was studying to be a teacher. 

You are trapped in an elevator. Who would you like to be trapped with?
  To spend that kind of time with Oprah Winfrey would be amazing for me..but probably not for her. I can't imagine how many fans she has to deal with all the time asking her the same questions over and over. She would probably just want to meditate quietly by herself. And I would respect that and keep quiet. S instead I would love to spend time with a professor of archeology who could tell me of some fascinating finds and their discoveries and the relevance to expanding our knowledge of where we came from. 

Would you accept $5000 to shave your hair or dye it bright green and spend a day without explaining why to anyone?

What a challenge that would be. I've never done anything even remotely wild like that. I've always been super conservative..a good girl, always do doing the right thing. To put myself out there like that would require me to be totally put of my box. Could I do it?  I don't know..but just once in my life I'd like to be that crazy. 

More tea quotes

Just a cup of tea

Sometimes a good cup of tea is needed. Like when you want comfort it its nice to prepare a pot of warm tea and drink it slowly with lemon and honey. As you sip you feel,the ritual,of tea time relax your body and soothe your soul.  Then there is the glass of,refreshing ice tea on a warm day that goes down the throat cooling your temperament. There are a lot of quotes extolling the virtues of tea. Sit down nd have a cup while you scroll through the pictures. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some thoughts for a rainy night

Two little thoughts

Remember when you were a child and there were endless days of summer spent lazily laying on your back and making shapes put of the clouds?  Then school began and you were so excited?  Remember those feelings and try to find them everyday

How much do you need?

Sometimes our wants and needs can be very simple. What I need to make me happy is happy people around me, something interesting to do, and the four seasons unfolding outside my door. What about you?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Abundance is here...try it.

“…One of the ways we can start to experience more affluence in our daily lives is through pampering ourselves with affordable luxuries…Adding real whipped cream and shaved chocolate to a cup of cocoa to be drunk before the fire… it transforms a simple pleasure into complete contentment. Affordable luxuries awaken our awareness to the abundance that’s readily available to us once we finally ‘get it.’”

This quote by Sara Ban Breathnachs from her book Simple Abundance is a reminder that we have to treat ourselves well. This is our only life and we should rejoice in it. We should do all the things we can to enrich our soul. Do you treat yourself?  Do you allow yourself to be self indulgent at times?  Do you feel that you deserve it?  
    I allow myself the luxury of getting away from my hometown once in awhile. Mostly it is to visit family. I think I need to take a day to nourish my soul in a different way. I think I'd like a day of solitude along the water somewhere..just me, my camera, and my paints.
    How would you feed your soul?


Guess this bear is coming down for his nightly drink.

camera outside 010

camera outside 009

Black eyed susans

Just as. The sun was going down I took a photo of the Black Eyed Susan's that have filled up my front planter. This is the first year that I have not planted herbs in this spot.