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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey mom

One thing about a Jack Russell, they always are ready and willing to play. Sadie and i both can't wait till the weather breaks and we can go for our daily walks to get rid of some of her energy. She is soooo bored right now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

chalkboard Art

I first became aware of chalkboard art around Christmas time when all the blogs seems filled with decorating with chalkboards.

There were many clever designs out there.

But I had a chalkboard by my phone once to take notes on discovered that chalk dust is not fun. So I changed it to a dry erase board.

But still I am fascinated with this special expression of art.
There is another kind of chalk art..painting on concrete. I first saw this on the closed off streets of Erie during a festival. It’s amazing what these artists can create.

Canceled plans

Oh,the weather. Our red hat group aka the Kinzua Kuties because we don't wear our red hats anymore cancelled our February outing to Sprague's today because of the sleeting snow we are having. Where we live you always consult the weather channel before you make any kind of plans since our weather changes so quickly. And this constant snow has kept us from driving to the next town which is over a half hour away and over some steep hills. So I look on this day as an extra gift. Nothing I have to do but just enjoy it. So this day seemed to call out for baking. I had a bread mix left from a basket do Biltmore products that I won at a card party so I made some wheat quick bread. And as long as the oven was on anyway I decided to bake up a gingerbread mis that i had too for dessert tonight. I tried calling my husband who went out to bring home some lemon pudding to heat up and put on top. But did he turn his cell phone on? Oh,no. I have some lemon juice. I guess this is where the web comes in. I'll bet I can find some sort of lemon sauce I can make. Then I think a movie on Netflix will be in order for the afternoon. By the way, are you watching Smash? One of my favorites.

So what would you do on a snowy gift of a day?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One book Bradford

Each year our local library chooses one book selection to be our One Book Bradford read. Copies are made available and the town gets on the bandwagon with everyone reading the same book. This year's selection is The Art of Racing in the Rain. Anyone who loves dogs will love this story told completely through Enzo's point of view. The author, Garth Stein, has a unique to tell this compelling story of a father's loss of his wife and custody battle for his daughter using a dog's words and silent understanding of events happening around him.
My friend delivered the book to me this morning and I sat down to read it. After five pages I was teary eyed and I continued to read and finish the book in a few hours. By the end I was blubbering like a baby.
Our Literary Club will be having a book discussion on the book on Friday and in April the author will be coming to town. I won't miss that!

My sister's Valentine table

My sister sets such a beautiful table. Recently she got new dining room furniture. Here is the table decorated for Valentine's day.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Thinking of spring

Maybe I'm rushing the season with snow still on the ground. But I was feeling like doing a creative project. There was a time when I was very crafty and made things all the time. I don't think there was a craft that I didn't try at one time or another. When the computer came that fascinated me so much that it took up most of my free time. But I still love to make wreaths. I found the carrot sign at hobby Lobby and knew it would make a terrific spring wreath. I'm not quite ready to put it on the door just yet. Hurry up Spring!

I won!

One of the wonderful things about reading the blogs of all those wonderful gals out there is that once in a while some generous soul has a giveaway. While surfing the other day I came across the most delightful blog called A Nantucket State of Mind. You can find it at nantucketdaffodil.blogspot.com or navigate to it by my sidebar.

A Nantucket State of Mind

  It so happened that the day I discovered her she was having a giveaway. And such glorious treasures…. dishes (my love), linens, lavender sachet, and darling clothespins with French writing. How could I not enter??

   Today in my email I got a note that I was the winner! Hurrah! How delightful. I can’t wait for the goodies to arrive in the mail. Thank you so much.

Let's hear it for the birds

The sunroom s always meant to be a garden themed room. It is still in the process of evolving even after six years. This new bird sconce is a great compliment to ny new bird pictures. My friend Yrsa gave it to me yesterday. I love it. You might want to know what I did with the two pictures that were there. I put hem above my computer desk.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mercury glass

My new love is mercury glass. Somehow it's luster has attracted me and I have found that it matches perfectly with my green sunroom. My sister gave me the lighted mercury glass battery balls which I put on my chandelier and French tree. I found the little shiny balls at the Christmas Tree Shop which, by the way, is called And That for all their new stores.

Literary Club

In 2002after I retired from teaching I was asked to join the Bradford Women's Literary Club. We meet every Friday from October to March. We have interesting programs and four times a year go to luncheons. I have loved this group of women. Yesterday we celebrated the club's 125th anniversary. The mayor presented a proclamation to the group.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smilebox slideshow

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Playing with light

an unimportant day ribbet

hope of spring 2

Today’s lesson from Kim Klassen’s Beyond Beyond course involves capturing light. Since I live in an area where the light in the winter is low and the sunshine rare I set up a little studio to take some still pictures. I am striving for that dreamy look.


What does it mean to be a photographer? Just because you have a camera? I have been striving in the last six years to improve my picture taking. I admire so many women whose blogs contain professional looking pictures with unusual angles and exposures as well as interesting subjects. I have not pushed the limits with my point and shoot camera. I expose myself to new ideas by taking classes to gain new techniques. But I don't leave my comfort zone of my local environment to stretch my skills. So today I set up a mini studio in a back bedroom to take some still shots to play around with light.

A little change is good for the soul

This large picture is new to the living room. I found it at Through the Garden Gate, an antique store in Ashland, Virginia. It replaces a large blue shelf that my father had made for me when I was in my country phase. I had been looking for something to put there and this picture had the right subject for my living room that is the only remaining blue room in my house. The room has my collection of blue and white pottery. Which I have displayed on the mantle and entertainment center. My house is in constant flux. Some people see no need to change their style and are content to keep the same drapes, paint and decorations for many decades. I however love the freshness of redecorating, changing vignettes with the seasons, and finding new ways to express myself through the vistas in my home.