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Monday, February 04, 2013

top Gun

Top Gun is a stray from NC that we brought home. He was hanging out by my sister's house. She thought he belonged to a neighbors whose house had burned down at the end of her lane. When I first got him home I didn't allow him out for awhile until he could get used to our house and we could get him neutered. The first time I let him out he was gone for twelve hours. I was afraid that he was headed back to North Carolina. But late at night he finally came back home. Ever since then he loves to go outside and is a great and mighty hunter but he stays mostly in our yard. He is such a lover and as soon as I sit down to talk on the phone he jumps on my lap ...if Sadie doesn't get there first and rubs to be petted the whole time I'm talking. When I go to bed he follows me in and lays at the foot of the bed. His favorite spot is stretched out on Don's legs when he is in the recliner.


  1. Top gun is precious! Strays make great pets, they are so grateful for a home. How do he and Sadie get along?

  2. Sadie can be very jealous..after all she thinks she is the queen of the house. She does her best to push TG off my lap whenever she can.


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