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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Green and growing

Do you have green live plants growing in your house? I remember a time when having house plants was very common. There was always a philodendron on every coffee table and hanging baskets at every window. I once had so many that I used a water Weinie to water them all. It attached to the faucet and had a long yellow cord. I could go all over the house with it. I had a huge spider plant at the kitchen window. I once took it to school and created a botany lesson with it for my third graders. There were so many babies that each child potted one to take home. Then came silk flowers to replace the live ones. Oh, I resisted for awhile but eventually gave in. Now the only living plants i have are a Peace Lily that I got after my father's funeral six years ago and an agapanthus that I am trying to winter over. More than once in the middle of winter I remember buying a huge hanging plant because I wanted to see something green and growing. We have very long winters here with no greenery from November to March. What do you have growing at your house? Does anyone have those beautiful and prolific African Violets? Do you have a plant story? My mother and father retired to Georgia and in the Spring my mom would call and say that I needed to come down and see the Wisteria blooming. There is nothing prettier than the South in full bloom.


  1. We used to have loads of houseplants too. Now we normally only have one spathphyllium (sp?) that we've had over 30 years. Each fall though we bring inside a huge palm tree to overwinter, the same thing with dracaenas and a few other pot plants. This year I have tried to overwinter 2 large and 1 small gardenias. I've about given up on 2 of them as they have shed leaves like crazy. One though is beautiful so I have hopes of it making it and actually having blooms when it goes outside. Have you ever tried them inside? I hope they make it. One thing I've given up on bringing inside for the winter is our big baskets of ferns. Way too much mess. I hate letting the frost get them as they grow huge here by October but I turn a hard heart to them when they beg to come in!

  2. We used to have wood ferns in a shady spot before we out on the addition. They came up every spring and filled in that spot completely . I would love to have them again.


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