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Thursday, February 07, 2013

At the car wash

Uh oh. I had really good intentions. Up north our cars get exceptionally dirty in the wintertime. My new gray van was covered from top to bottom with grime and dirt so I decided to run it through our local car wash. I pushed in my dollars and pulled forward when requested till the red light went on. Then I stopped. And waited. Nothing. Hmmm. So I waited some more. Nothing. Now what should I do? Should I try to pull forward and leave? Hmmm. I wondered if I should try to go back a little. I tried that but then it didn't seem to go. Hmmm. Now what? Should I chance just leaving? After a few minutes of contemplation I decided leaving was my option. So I pulled out and went around to the entrance. I stopped out of the way and walked over to the sign with pen and paper in hand to call to report my misfortune. A very pleasant woman explained to me that I had pulled in too far past the stop and engaged an emergency shut off. She said that if I would wait she would send her husband down. He came eventually and I went through again without incident. Now this wasn't my first time at a car wash. It seems like strange things have been happening lately. Gremlins?

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