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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Canceled plans

Oh,the weather. Our red hat group aka the Kinzua Kuties because we don't wear our red hats anymore cancelled our February outing to Sprague's today because of the sleeting snow we are having. Where we live you always consult the weather channel before you make any kind of plans since our weather changes so quickly. And this constant snow has kept us from driving to the next town which is over a half hour away and over some steep hills. So I look on this day as an extra gift. Nothing I have to do but just enjoy it. So this day seemed to call out for baking. I had a bread mix left from a basket do Biltmore products that I won at a card party so I made some wheat quick bread. And as long as the oven was on anyway I decided to bake up a gingerbread mis that i had too for dessert tonight. I tried calling my husband who went out to bring home some lemon pudding to heat up and put on top. But did he turn his cell phone on? Oh,no. I have some lemon juice. I guess this is where the web comes in. I'll bet I can find some sort of lemon sauce I can make. Then I think a movie on Netflix will be in order for the afternoon. By the way, are you watching Smash? One of my favorites.

So what would you do on a snowy gift of a day?


  1. Blog and read! But today I'm ironing a pile of clothes ~ well, I will be. I don't know if you have come across Ivan's blog, A Normandy Kitchen, but it is a great one about cooking. He is an English chef who studied in Paris and has been living in France for a long time.


  2. What a bummer that was but oh well, life still goes on :)


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