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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mercury glass

My new love is mercury glass. Somehow it's luster has attracted me and I have found that it matches perfectly with my green sunroom. My sister gave me the lighted mercury glass battery balls which I put on my chandelier and French tree. I found the little shiny balls at the Christmas Tree Shop which, by the way, is called And That for all their new stores.


  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

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  2. Hi Peggy! I would love to collect mercury glass. After Christmas I stalked a few pieces online. Then I decided to invest in those adorable little puts houses, and bought 8! Now I am all set for next year! Thanks for popping by...YOU HAVE WON MY GIVEAWAY!

  3. Hi Peggy! I found your site through Nantucket Daffodil's link to your blog. Congratulations on winning her giveaway. Your header is lovely, and so is your post on mercury glass. I am a newly retired elementary teacher and have just started blogging. I came to teaching later, after a stint in the Oil Patch, so I only have 25 years in the classroom. I am an eighth generation teacher in my family, and both my parents were teachers. I'm going to enjoy getting to know your blog! Have a good day!

  4. Hmmmmmm!!! I do find them really interesting and neat!! Have to show them to me whenever I stop by. :)


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