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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Downton Abbey

I am a Downton Abbey addict. My favorite time is Sunday evenings on PBS when the program's haunting theme begins. The story with all it's characters, contrasts and multiple plot lines completely fascinates me for the entire time which is not interrupted with commercials. So many tv shows are dumbed down and this show's popularity proves that the audience in the United States yearns for programs with complicated plots and sophisticated writing. It is witty, poignant, clever, intriguing and fulfilling. The last episode is next week and I will be so sorry to see it end. It’s so hard to pick a favorite character, but Maggie Smith is so extraordinary with her raised eyebrow and pursed lips that you can’t help but single her out. And Mr. Carson, who can’t love him with his proper attitude and command of the household? Which character do you respond to best?


  1. I too am an addict! Love it when they last 2 hours and dread it ending next week. I admire Mrs. Patmore immensely. Of the "quality" folk, I like Cora but wonder how she could be so duped by O'Brian. I have gone from admiration to frustration and back again on so many of the other main characters. But that's what makes the show exciting.

    I admit, I must have been wrong about Bates. I thought he was a villain. Maybe not.

  2. Rebecca9:31 PM

    I also live for Downton on Sunday night. Have you read the book The World of Downton Abbey? It explains a lot of the things we don't understand as Americans living in the 21st century. My favorite character is also the Dowager Countess Aunt Violet played by Maggie Smith. She steals the show!


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