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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pamela Terry

The snow fell all night long and now, bright as a celestial blanket, it covers everything.  A weak winter sun regains the prowess of June as it bounces off the snow and streams through the windows, every bit as white-dazzling as a summertime noon.  The lilies on the landing, newly purchased to soothe your wishes for Spring, become incandescent.  You stop to admire them as you make your way upstairs, a cup of tea and an apple balancing precariously atop the stack of books you’ve just retrieved from the library.

Reaching your room, you place the tea cup on the night table

and let the books fall on the bed.

This is where you’ll be till dinnertime, reading and planning,

dreaming, of the trip you will take in the Spring.

If you haven’t visited From the House of Edward which in on my sidebar..stop what you are doing and go immediately. Today’s post is all about winter reads. She is such a beautiful writer as you can see from the quote above. Reading her printed words is like swimming in refreshing waters. She makes you want to be a better writer and a better person. She writes the way I think but can’t put down in words. Her imagery is so creative. Stop by her blog and enjoy.

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