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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bowling fun with the family

It's always fun to be with my boys..one hubby, one son, two grandsons. And Gretchen and me. Today we went bowling. I didn't bowl..too hard on the knees. But it was fun watching them and I was the cheering section.

Afterwards we played Pictionary..always good for a laugh or two. Then everyone but Don and I went to the Hershey Bears hockey game. We had dinner at the Red Robin and settled down to watch a movie. Tomorrow we will head for home to be there in time for the Super Bowl.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Cozy Corner

You know me...if it stands still I will decorate it. I couldn't wait to get the kitchen finished so I could put my personal touches on it.

I am not one of those people who have the philosophy..one in, one out. I just can't part with things sometimes. Prime example is that rooster lamp.


I got it from QVC many years ago..a Valerie Parr Hill item. And I loved it and used it for many years. Then it got abandoned for other pretty things. But I just couldn't let it go so it went into a deep dark bin and sat for many years just waiting for the right moment. And this is it.

I love how it looks in the corner. I may even consider keeping the rooster chandelier.


These fruit pictures are another example of something I just couldn't give away. Now they have found a home above the tv. By the way if anyone has a good suggestion for those awful cords please let me know. I'm thinking of putting a shelf under the tv just so that it doesn't look like it's floating in space and the cords can partially hide beneath it.

The island cart also has a rooster...is there a theme going on..? Are rooster passé?


Do you take You tube quizzes?

I took one today on how old you act. Not surprisingly I scored 75 ...and I'm only seventy. But when I read the description I didn't mind at all.




You really act like a seventy-five year old! You've lived long enough to want to continue the routine as is. The joy you feel in knowing that you love and can take pleasure in almost every aspect of your life is overwhelming. You may have faced adversity at some point, and are only alive because you've overcome it. Health is a top priority for you. Everyday you do what you can to keep yourself like a well-oiled machine. Your motto is probably something like: "I'm gonna keep on keepin' on!"

I like this age. No, I don't like the fact that May days on Earth are getting shorter. But I like the feeling of contentment and the way things just don't bother me as much any more. Age has it's advantages. You can choose to fight it or accept it.

Super Bowl ads


Leave it up to Budweiser. This one made me cry!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow fun in Tennessee

How excited the kids were to see snow. Just a few days before they were in their shirt sleeves riding their scooters on the driveway. They love to get out and play in it before it disappears.


A far cry from my childhood when we were out in it for hours throwing snowballs, making snowmen, and forts day after day.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting my house back in shape

After the disruption of the last few weeks it's good to put the rooms back in order. First there was cleaning up the dusty floors, knick nacks, and all surfaces.  Sweeping and putting away the clutter helped tremendously. It was a huge job and I only got the sunroom done. The rest will have to wait until another day. 
I also got a fresh cut and color. That always lifts my spirits. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

How do you like me now?

The painter finally finished up the last of the trim. The kitchen is done except for the countertops, toe kick, and floor. I sit here amazed because it doesn't look anything like my old kitchen. It looks like someone else's. I put up the curtains and a few decorations to make it feel more like home. I love it!



Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter doldrums

All of a sudden it hit me. The winter doldrums. My world has been full of stress the past few weeks and this morning it all caught up with me. It's just a temporary down period and I have the ability to shake it off quickly. I think you need to have some low times so you can know how good the high times are. I'm deflecting by blaming it on the winter so here are some pictures of beautiful winter scenes to nake me appreciate every minute. Even those that make you cry.

I visited this castle in Germany.





Friday, January 23, 2015

Celebrate good times...come on.



Yesterday was our 49th wedding anniversary. Don was my high school sweetheart so I've known him since I was sixteen. It was a blizzardy night when we were wed. One of the groomsmen didn't make it from out of town and we had to find someone who fit the suit to substitute. We honeymooned in a nearby town and by the next day our car was buried in the snow. I drove and Don pushed the car to the road. It didn't stop us from going to a Niagara Falls ..were we crazy or what...yes, young, crazy, and in love.

Like all marriages there have been ups and downs but our love has always held us together. I am lucky to have such a thoughtful caring man in my life. In forty nine years he has never forgotten to bring me roses.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cheer when you need it

I have the best sister in the world. Today a package arrived in the mail. Inside were many gifts brightly wrapped with an envelope on top that said..open me first. Inside the envelope was note paper with a little story.

There were directions to open each package in turn.

Inside there were the best gifts......tricolored pasta nests from France, lemon scone mix, rooibus red tea, carrot ginger soup mix....

And then some lovely things....some flowers with bulbs, a beautiful green vase, and a white bird to hold little flowers



The final gift was a notepad.

How wonderful to have such a thoughtful sister who knew I've been going through a stressful time. Love you Linda!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A little bit of Dolly

Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? She has survived the music business for a long time by being herself and being honet and funny. Here are some of her notable quotes.

"Don't lose your temper; use it."

"A peacock that rests on his feathers is just another turkey."

"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one."

"Any relationship is like a house with an upstairs: it's got two stories."

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the

"People tend to fear what they do not know, and what they fear they

"I've always said that if I hadn't been a woman,
I would have been a drag queen."

"I describe my look as a blend of Mother Goose, Cinderella,
and the local hooker."

"If I see something saggin', baggin', and draggin',
I'm going to nip it, tuck it, and suck it."

"It's almost like being trapped in some other form.
The real me is so different from the way I look on the outside."

"That's the great thing about a sense of humor and a sex drive,
you can't wait to share it with everybody else."

"I sometimes make the joke about me standing on a hilltop with
my hair blowing in the wind -- and me too proud to run after it."

It's App Happy Wednesday

Here are a few different apps used for Sadie's portrait. I'm linking up with Keeping Up With the Times.



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First meal

Today the stove got hooked up and we cooked our first meal...pizza