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Friday, February 27, 2015

It just seems endless


All over the web I see Spring decorations popping up. It is waaaaaaaaay to soon to even start dreaming about Spring here in the north. We don't get leaves on our trees until May. It's a long, long wait. This cold...six degrees this morning...has us huddled up. Something to look forward to tomorrow. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Salamanca and then a concert by Crystal Gayle and Lee Greenwood.

Miss Sadie has been to the vet. She was limping on her front foot. This following a time in January when she was weak on her legs. The vet tested her for Lyme's disease...negative. He thinks it's a slipped disk and gave her a steroid shot. She's been laying low.


Someone is enjoying the snow. The grands in Tennessee are lovin' it



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A little photography practice

I’ve not been very good about getting out my camera and practicing my photography. I love to go on the photography blogs and see the wonderful photos that have been taken and ooh and awe about how lovely they make their photos. But I know that the only way I’ll get better is if I actually practice. In the winter it is hard to get outdoors to take shots so many rely on indoor photography.    Today I set up a table by the window.  With the light streaming in I gathered a few old bottles, a dried up hydrangea, and a blue vase.   Then I used Photoscape and Photoshop to adjust the photos. Here are the results. kitchen still ife 012time stands stillbottle oneblue vasebelieve


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who doesn't love Mrs. Patmore?


Every Sunday night the world stops while I'm glued to the TV set watching Downton Abbey. It is by far the best thing on television! There are so many chaacters and subplots you can't miss one conversation or you'll miss a key piece of the puzzle of the household.

It's hard to pick your favorite character but I think mine has always been Mrs. Hughes. She runs the downstairs and always seems to be in the know about the happenings both upstairs and down. When there is a problem she seems able to help. And that last scene last year of her and Mr. Carson on the beach was precious.




But who doesn't love Mrs. Patmore? I was crying along with her when she found out that Daisy was leaving.

And weren't the costumes spectacular ! I need to go back and watch the episode just to see the gorgeous dresses and hairpieces.




Were you as shocked as I was when they carted Anna away? What's to become of her?


And am I the only one who wants to see Tom and Edith marry?


Next week is the finale and I don't now how I will stand it. Who is your favorite character?


This cold is getting old

Someone in town posted their thermometer on Facebook this morning. The news is reporting twenty six below. I have minus fourteen at my house. Yes it is cold. Will I still go to coffee this morning? Heck yeah.



Even Sadie can't wait till spring.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Playing with apps

There is so much to learn when dealing with photography apps. But it's fun to play around with them to create different effects. Here are a few of today's works.




Sunday, February 22, 2015

Do you Facebook?

Since I blog I wasn't too anxious to use Facebook. i joined mostsly to see what my family was doing. It's nice to see pictures and find out what far away family is doing. I only occasionally post something original to Facebok. But I do repost those funny videos of animals that make me laugh. When I need a grin Facebook never lets me down. And of course i repost those easy recipes that I never seem to make afterwards.

Here are some things I've seen on Facebook.


I want to rent a kid just so I can put these in her lunchbox. So cute!


Adn then there are videos from Youtube. How about this kid?


Adn there are inspirational quotes to raise your spirits.

And then some to express just how I am feeling.

If you are into Facebook...please friend me. Peggy Karrasch. I'd love to see you online.



Saturday, February 21, 2015

A bad case of cabin fever


I went out in the snow this morning. The roads were snow covered and icy. The snow was cming down and it was about sixteen degrees. Why did I go out in that? To get a library book. Yes, I am that desperate. I have cabin fever.

I got some library books, I stopped at the video store and got two movies. And went to the grocery store too.

But when you have cabin fever you are restless. Movies don't help. Books don't help. Playing on the internet doesn't help. I want to get out and talk a walk. I want the sun and warmth. I am finally had enough! I'm fighting this feeling but for the moment but I'm screaming inside...STOP SNOWING!!



Before and after



























Friday, February 20, 2015


The countertops are in! It doesn’t even look like my old kitchen anymore. I feel like I’m in someone else’s house. countertops 2.15 018

countertops 2.15 027countertops 2.15 025countertops 2.15 021countertops 2.15 020countertops 2.15 019


The Lansdowne Letters

I know you all read blogs out there. It is interesting to peek into the lives of others who share common interests. But today I have a recommendation of a blog that I just adore. You can find it at my sidebar. It is called Standing Into Danger.

Louise lives in Colorado now but is from Canada. Every Friday she posts about her dad who accepted a teaching post in an isolated region of Canada. He left his famly to teach the natives in a small school. There were only just a few families or single men living there and times were tough but her dad continually corresponded and sent letters back home describing his life. Each Friday Louise publishes his letters along with pictures to aid the story.

Louise's father Don is on the left. I so look forward to Fridays when Don writes of his life in that wilderness where the mail comes by bush plane. There is something so touching about living that simple life. Maybe you would enjoy reading it too.

I especially enjoyed today's post about the Northern Lights. Did you know that they made noise too? Louise posted a video to prove it.



Dreaming of Savannah

Another cold morning...minus nine. This is the big day I've been waiting for. It's the day my quartz countertops will be installed. More pictures will follow later for sure.

Meanwhile in my mind I have been elsewhere. I love to travel and anyone who knows me knows that I like to get out of Bradford periodically. I have family in Virginia and Tennessee and like to go there often. It's always fun to get together with family and we have a great time. But I also like to go somewhere else. My sisters and I have had some trips together and so have my friends and I. There's nothing I like better than to go to a place I've never been before and explore. Since I live in the woods I like to go to cities that offer things that I can't see here in my small town...like museums, plays, attractions, good restaurants, and shopping. Currently my sisters and I are thinking about a return trip to Savannah. Several years ago we went to Charleston and Savannah and had a ball. What beautiful cities. So in this cold weather I can be dreaming of the south.

Savannah is laid out to have parks called squares at the intersections of their streets.


Each of the squares are unique and beautiful. It is the most interesting city to walk through.

When we were there the last time we ate at Paula Deen's restaurant (which was just like eating at my mom's table..she was born in Georgia), did tours, rode a buggy tour of the ghost houses, ate fine dining, and shopped at the local stores.

So on this cold day...I'm Southern dreaming.