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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brushstroke and Waterlogue

Just trying out a new app called Brushstroke. The second picture is done with Waterlogue. 


Waterlogue....don't you love the artistic effects?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Self Portrait

A good book on a rainy day

There's nothing Like  a rainy day to slow you down and make you take a pause. It's pouring out there so after coffee with my friends and a quick trip to Walmart I'm tucked inside and ready to grab my book. It's quiet and dark and the perfect day to just curl up. Like the old song says...love a rainy day. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

I can watch them grow

I swear these daffodils grew just today.  The seventy eight degree temperature was the cause. Even the peonies came up four inches in just one day. After our constant cold the warmth was so welcome. Sadie and I went for a mile walk around marilla Reservior. It was so nice to see all the kids with their parents fishing. There were actually thirty two cars there. That sounds crowded but it wasn't at all it's a good sized lake and everyone was spread out. 
  I hope you all got to enjoy a beautiful day today. 

We start and we end as family

How nice it was to have Scott and Chris here for Easter. Scott is almost finished with his first year at Shippensburg University majoring in computer science. They live in southern Pennsylvania near Carlisle. We had a relaxing weekend  it was nice just to take it easy. We walked the dogs round Marilla and watched a few movies. On Saturday we went to Jamestown to the Red Lobster to celebrate Chris' birthday. I always love it when the boys are home. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

She thinks she is a person

Our dog doesn't know she's a dog. What other dog listens to your conversations and hangs on every word?  And when you say a word she recognizes she reacts by cocking her head and giving you a look that let's you know that she knows. Do other dogs beg you for walks as soon as you get home? Do other dogs understand that when you say Chris is coming she knows what you means and sits vigil at the door or window?  Do other dogs come immediately when the phone rings to sit on your lap to 
Listen?  How many other dogs will not let you out of their sight?  And even follow you to the bathroom?  Yes, we spoil her. We even give her the right to have an opinion about what she wants to do. But we love her. And she is so devoted. What a dog. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Out for a photo walk

This morning I took my camera with me determined to find something to shoot. I am so longing for photo walks this year but the weather is keeping me inside still. But this morning I discovered some lingering flowers dried up from the harsh winter but still beautiful in their shape. And unexpectedly there were leaves popping out of their twigs. Surprise…spring is actually on its way. spring againwinter is dead

Oh how I miss her

I'm having Downton Abbey withdrawal. There was something enchanting on Sunday nights when I could lose myself in the series. The writing....the characters...the plot.  They all came together to fill an hour of joy. There were snappy one liners from all the characters but the queen of quips was the Dowager Countess. She would put on a prune face or wrinkle up her nose and come out with some shows topping lines. Season five....hurry back. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's still here.

See the white stuff?  It's still here today. I have decided that I spend way too much time talking about the weather. When did it happen that the daily weather became such an obsession to me?  I think it was after I retired. I found myself ruled by the daily weather. If it was bad I adjusted my schedule. No running errands if it was pouring rain. That could wait until a sunnier day. No traveling on icy roads. I could just do something tomorrow. 
  When I was younger and working I only gave the weather channel a cursory glance. It didnt affect me much. Don had a saying that you can't let the weather bother you or you'd never do anything in Bradford. So I'm going to challenge myself not to talk about the weather...good or bad for one week. Think I can do it?