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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chick, chick here and a chick chick there


Here chicky, chicky


Just a few chicks to set the Spring mood



and some lettuce too…


This is on my back door to welcome Spring (and anyone else who enters)

Unfortunately the weather is still in the forties


still chilly


but we have sun today


which always makes me happier

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I was yearning


longing even


to see a bloom


This time of year


when the ground is brown


and the hills are gray

The outdoors offers nothing


I see hope there


Some tiny shoots pushing hard toward the sky


So I bought some Spring


right into my house


a dish garden with all the Spring flowers

bloom quote

Already the crocuses are popping up


And it seems every hour I can see the daffodils thrust upwards


The tulips are following




I love them all


but the hyacinths are the ones I look forward to most

Their fragrance will fill the room.
buddah quote
It only takes a little to bring joy into my heart

a little bloom

a little color

a lot of joy

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunshine is good for the soul

Over the weekend Don and I went to Carlisle, Pa to visit Chris and his family and celebrate my grandson Scott's 22nd birthday. It's about a five hour drive and the difference in the weather was worth the trip. I had baked a spiral cut ham to bring with me and we enjoyed ham sandwiches Friday night. On Saturday the sunshine brought hot temperatures and it reached 78 degrees. Considering that the other day in Bradford it was ten degrees in the morning you can imagine how happy I was to be warm. We traveled to Chambersburg to the mall where there was a large antique co-op. It was enjoyable looking around at all the booths. At one time Don and I were avid antique collectors. He is always on the lookout for Greentown Chocolate glass and I have collected cookie cutters. We found neither at this particular place but walked around slowly (more about that later) peeking in the booths looking at such a variety of older items. Although we didn't buy anything Scott added to his collection of vinyl albums with an Arrowsmith album while Chris bought an unusual framed picture made up of a pocket watch parts. By the time we were finished there we had worked up an appetite and ate at a Chinese/sushi buffet. The guys love all the seafood but I never learned to like it but I could find enough to eat there for sure. We spent the evening playing Five Crowns and having pizza. On Sunday we watched a movie (Wild Hogs) in Chris' theater room. It is set up like a movie theater with comfortable reclining seats, a huge screen, surround sound and even recessed lights that gradually dim just like at the movies. Then we got ready to go home. It was such a nice weekend with family.

Before we left on Friday I went to my art class on Thursday. I parked on the street, put money in the meter and stepped out onto a brick street immediately tripping on the uneven bricks and falling down. I ended up breaking my big toe which hurt me all weekend. Bad boo boo. It's better now and I will live. I don't let a little thing like a broken toe stop me.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Woodpeckers at the feeders





The woodpeckers are loving the suet cakes. We have three different kinds of woodpeckers coming to our feeder this year.

Also small birds like chickadees and nuthatches love it too.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Greetings, Spring


This is the wreath that greets you at my back door. So what if it was 23 degrees this morning. The sun is out and that is all that matters.

The chicks are sitting on the mantle and all is right with the world. This has been a lovely week. On Monday I had lunch at a friend’s house. We laughed and had such a great time. Yesterday Don’s brother and wife came for an afternoon visit. It’s always fun having company and catching up.
IMG_6970Happy Spring to you all.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

All you need is a lamb and a few eggs


Time to get out of the winter slump and all it takes is a cute little lamb sitting on your table. I picked up this little fellow in Virginia at a special resale shop where all the profits went to a dog shelter.
And eggs. Yes, eggs. Don’t eggs just scream Easter and Spring? These beauties are from Pottery Barn and their shiny bright colors put some pizazz on the table.


I love the majolica rabbit dish too.


IMG_6953I added a pink napkin to the green one held in place by bird cage napkin rings.

This Spring banner I made myself from directions found on the internet.


The table is set for Spring now. IMG_6951

On the back of the chairs I tied little nests.

Now I can say Spring has finally arrived at Chatham Lane despite the snow on the ground outside.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Do you jigsaw?

According to me the world is divided into two groups...those who jigsaw and those who don't. Jigsaw puzzles seem to be a northern thing while we are dealing with cabin fever. It passes the time and taxes our spatial skills. In any given household you can find a card table set up in the living room containing a puzzle over which is bent a serious jigsaw puzzle expert. Long hours are spent searching among one thousand pieces to find just the right shape, size and color to fit into a certain spot. You can see a small smile of satisfaction when that elusive piece is finally snapped into position. There is no fulfillment until every piece is put in place and the entire puzzle is revealed in total. Then there are people like me who have no desire to pick up even one piece. To me who can't see the difference between one piece and the other it seems a painful task to spend hours looking. I look at the puzzle in various stages of completion and wonder at the person who can use those certain skills in such a marvelous way. But I have no desire to participate. I think every one has there own certain set of skills and I have not been gifted with puzzle making. How about you?