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Monday, January 23, 2017

Are you getting organized?

There are two types of people in this world…those that are completely organized all the time…and the rest of us poor fools! I think I’ve been saying “I’m going to get organized” for forty years. It’s not that I’m so bad…(at least I don’t think so). I can find things…(most of the time). My main area stay clean and clutter free (most of the time). But I’ve never gotten my house to the state where all the rooms (including the basement and attic) are pristine. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it will never happen and I don’t mind at all. (ok, I do mind sometime when something disappears and I can’t find it for days). I will keep striving and organizing every January till I die (and what is left will be someone else’s to deal with).




   I have read a lot of clutter clean up books throughout the years so I do have a few tips:

1. Gretchen Rubin says “if it takes less than a minute, do it”. This has really helped me. I used to take something in the bedroom and lay it on the bed. It belonged in the bedroom and I got it that far. But I didn’t exactly put it away then so I had to deal with it later. Now if it only takes a minute I just do it then.

2. Have a place for things. Keys should be hung by the door. Books should go in the bookbag or on the shelf. I keep scissors in each room so that I can find them easily.

3. Don’t buy duplicates or things you really don’t need. No one thinks they do that but when I cleaned my kitchen out I had so many paring knives it wasn’t funny. cleaning2

4. When you get out of the shower take a minute to towel dry the shower walls and wipe out the tub. Then you don’t need to do so much scrubbing.

5. Do deep cleaning only when you feel like it. You need energy for that and you have to be in the right mood. Light a candle, turn on loud fast music and go to town.

6. Try to keep the daily clutter to a minimum. Corral things in baskets or trays till you have a chance to put them away where they belong.

7. I have a small basket near the kitchen where I put all those stray things that I come across all day and carry it into the bedroom and bath when I go that way at the end of the day.


Do you have any hints, ideas, or solutions that work well for you?



Me cleaning >>>>>Fantasy


Me cleaning…….reality.

I have a small confession. Santa brought me the best cleaning gift ever…a Rhomba. It’s a round miracle that cleans your floors with a push of a button. It’s a fascinating tool and makes my life so much easier. Don was skeptical but when he saw how much hair and dust that it collected he was won over. When it runs out of juice it goes back to its dock and recharges itself. I LOVE it!




Sunday, January 22, 2017

51 years ago today


Don and I have been married fifty one years. Even when I type it I can't believe it has been that long. We were high school sweethearts, stayed together while he served in the navy four years and I went to college and then married in 1966. It's amazing to me that through thick and thin we remained lovers and friends and love each other now just as much or more than we did then at the beginning. He is. A great man very devoted, and loving. He didn't have a good male role model growing up but was a great father to our two boys.

This is one of my favorite wedding photos..me kissing my dad goodbye as I go off with another man.


Friday, January 20, 2017



Red is not a color that I use in my decor very often. So it is a change to have it out at Christmastime. This arrangement has berries and florals from Jan Williams florist in Fredericksburg. We are so unhappy that Jan is closing up her shop after all these years. We stop there every time I’m in town and buy a little something each time. I bought the artichoke urn this time from her.


Another spot of red is in the amaryllis that I have in the long box sitting on the table in front of the sunroom window.

And one last dash of red…the windowpane checked placemats that I am using as a table runner.

IMG_6904I am enjoying this pop of color on these dreary days. We don’t have snow but we also don’t have sun and it is rainy. Do you use red in your house?

Today was busy. I went to Dr. Kinkartz about the bursitis in my hip. First I needed xrays since it has been a year since I was there with the same thing last year. My hips and lower back were xrayed and as I suspected there was bursitis in both hips. Now I will go to therapy and if it works as well as last time I will be out of pain quickly.

  Afterwards I just stayed up at the hospital and waited for our Literary Club luncheon. The speaker today talked about Advanced Directives. She was very knowledgeable and a great story teller and emphasized the need to have your will known to save your family grief when emergencies or end of life happens. My next doctor appoint will be soon and I am going to get one in place. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

What is on your wall?

The photo prompt for today is “a wall”. To me a wall just calls out to be filled with something. I am NOT a minimalist! (understatement of the year). So I love to have something pretty to look at on a wall. My favorite wall of all in my home is this one.


When we bought this house in 1973 this little room was used as a small tv room. It is brick because it used to be part of the outside of the house. Eventually someone closed in this small room with a sliding glass door. We used it at first to house our player piano then later our small hot tub. It was ideal for that because it had a cement floor with indoor outdoor carpeting. Then in 2006 we added our sunroom on to the back of the house. Then having a hot tub in a center room seemed strange. Add to that we didn’t use that hot tub all that much. So we sold it and turned this room into our office. I found beautiful furniture from Sauder (although putting it together was a pain for Don). The white dresser I painted with the leaves was already there and fit in well with the office furniture. I love that small piece because it has a double file drawer in the bottom. IMG_6894

This has given me a place for all my supplies and books. I am in this room a lot. I love that the brick gives it extra charm. 

It’s just a Thursday in January

I find myself with a day. You would think that being retired I would have a lot of time on my hands. Not so, says she. As my sister always reminds me I have the same twenty four hours as everyone else. But I try to cram a lot of living in those hours. I’ve always been someone who likes to keep busy and learn so I can fill up time easily. That’s not to say that I don’t know how to relax. But when I do sit down I can think of things I want to do besides sit and watch tv. But today I have no appointments, no commitments, no place I need to be. I can choose to just sit at the computer, read or watch a video. But instead I think I will tackle the “dreaded” basement. Do you have a place in your house that never, despite your best efforts, seems to be in the state that you want it to be? That’s the basement for me. It is a catchall. In my promise to myself to get rid of my stuff I go down there periodically and eliminate some things and throw them away. Each time when a bag leaves I celebrate. I ask myself “is this thing usable in my life now?” I don’t entertain or have crowds of people as I did when I was younger so how many serving pieces do I need? Do I need all those fancy baking pans?  And what in the world are you keeping that for? Time to lighten up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sadie Update

We took Sadie up to the Orchard Park Medical Center for an appointment on Tuesday. As you know Sadie is not doing well. After her surgery she has never been able to put weight on her leg. But also she stopped using her better leg in the back which has an ACL tear and dislocated kneecap. Because she put so much weight onto her front legs her wrists bowed out and were swollen. She had a blood and urine analysis and Dr. Brummer called me last night with the results. Her urine was fine but the lupus test indicated that it is much worse than the last time she was tested. We were going back up for a joint tap on Thursday but he decided to put her on a high dose of steroids and we will see him in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that this will make her feel better. It is so hard to see her not walking at all. She sits wherever we put her and doesn’t move until we pick her up again. She does love her water therapy which we are doing every other day to keep her muscles from atrophying. It is so hard to see her like this when she used to be so active. Hopefully this treatment will help.


Monday, January 16, 2017


The photo prompt for today is “childhood”. When you think of your childhood is there a particular moment that is frozen in time for you? My memories of my childhood are like pages flipped through a book. I do not have a wonderful photographic memory as some seem to have where they recall events in amazing detail. My memory is more like snatches. At five having a birthday party at my grandmother’s house and playing The Sky is Falling with all my friends there. My elementary years participating in programs at school. Being a tomboy and always loving to be outside with the gang. Flying like the wind on a horse racing my cousin.  Having a sweet sixteen party. Maybe all that accounts for me being an extrovert. If it wasn’t for photographs I wouldn’t remember my young years at all. They were happy and I was loved. All my memories are good ones. Who was that girl who spent the summer dressed in nothing but a bathing suit sitting in a tree playing Jane of the jungle? IMG_6886

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Technology is the photo prompt for today. Can you imagine your life now without a computer? Those of us who grew up with paper and pencil and an old manual typewriter know how far things have come. It is a new age and some of the people my age didn’t change along with it. I was lucky to be in the education field where I had access to training and using a computer every day.  But still I had to do a lot of work to keep up.

  The computer..and ipad..are my lifelines. They have opened up a whole new world for me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t check my email or look at some things on Facebook. But it goes beyond that. I always check my favorite bloggers to see what they are up to. For someone that likes constant intellectual stimulation the web is my playground.

   The greatest things about the web in my eyes is the access to information. Now anyone in the world with a computer has the ability to learn. Education is at your fingertips if you will only take advantage of it. There are online courses in just about every subject. And if you want to know how to do something just find a YouTube video. There have been many times when I just “googled” it.


But that leaves me wondering. Since information is at your fingertips (and it probably will be actually at our fingers as nano technology reduces the size of the chips) will there be a need to “know” information?  Will there be memorization anymore? Will we phase out learning and testing to see if the information is retained? Or will we depend on our devices? And if we do what will happen to civilization if the devices no longer work? Will we be thrown back into the Dark Ages? How will this information age play out?