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Saturday, February 18, 2017

52 Moments


This week's 52 Moments prompt is Window. This is the view out of my sister's window this early morning. There's a fire in the fireplace just to take the chill off and it's so cozy here. We arrived yesterday with a temperature of seventy to greet us. Diane met us at the Liberty Train Station restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Linda and I split an carmelized onion burger and I had a little sweet potato casserole. Then we shopped the antique stores downtown in Bedford. So much fun. This morning we are off to a tag sale then Diane's sister in law will be joining us for an afternoon of shopping fun.

Now back home after a full day. We hit some antique stores. I will show you my treasures later.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Taking a break

We interrupt this program for a needed blogging break. I have had enough of snow and hopped in the car and headed south. It was snowing when I left this morning and all the way to southern pa but in Virginia it was sunny but cold. Tomorrow we are going to Diane's lake house for the weekend. It promises to be seventy and I could use the warmth. See you soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love Songs

Do you have a favorite love song? A song that brings back romantic memories every time you hear it? Songs can be very powerful and make you recall when and where you were when you heard it. My first real boyfriend was Bob when I was in the eighth grade. He was Italian and I fell hard and so did he. I remember the day he gave me his ring. We stood outside the classroom door and he put it around my neck and kissed me while my classmates watched from inside the door. We would talk on the phone every night for hours. In the background he would play Vic Damone's Italian love songs and I would swoon.
   For Don and I our song was Paul Anka (1963) Put you Head on my Shoulder. It was perfect for us. We sang along while we danced. Even now when it comes on our XM station we start singing along and remembering those young love times. I wonder what love songs the modern generation will remember. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love, love, love

Do you remember when Valentine’s Day was such a big deal? When we were kids it was all about making a valentine’s decorated box from a shoe box and waiting in anticipation for it to fill up with valentine’s from classmates. We read a meaning into the one given to us by our crush. That still happened when I was teaching. The kids loved the day that they could rush around the room filling the valentine’s envelopes and having a special delicious treat. As an adult it is still a special day. My husband NEVER forgets and there are  always flowers and a great card. He’s the best!

Monday, February 13, 2017

I love a good song

Did you watch the Grammy awards last night? Now I have to tell you a little bit about the area where I live. We are away from big cities and definitely aren't urban. So sometimes when I hear a song on the Grammies ( here's an aside....is grammies the plural of grammy? Or is it Grammys? I've always used the rule change the y to i and add es but I saw it put as grammys on tv. So which is right my grammar police?) it is the first time I have heard the song at all. To give you an idea if you push scan on the radio in your car it only stops five or six times. And most of those are country stations. We don't have a pop station so I don't get to hear songs on the radio. I do have XM in my car and when I tune to the latest hits I finally can hear what the rest of the world hears. But a lot of the time I'm listening to podcasts or the news and don't bother with the hits. When I'm traveling with my husband he prefers music from the fifties. So last night when I heard Shape of You by Ed Sheeran I was blown away! What great rhythm, what a great song! I hope that you enjoy it too. I loved his Thinking Out Loud...a classic for weddings. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do you binge watch?

At Christmas time I decided to join AMazon Prime simply because I was sending so many presents out of town. It gives you free shipping which is great but the selling point is that you get your package in two days. I have continued my trial subscription into the new year since Chris got us a new television at Christmas with "smart" capabilities. There are so many movies and tv programs to choose from as well as made for Amazon special series. One that we are enjoying is Goliath.

Billy Bob Torton plays Billy McBride, formerly the hottest of hotshots, the silver-tongued attorney the juries loved. Billy is now living at a rundown motel in Venice Beach. He's an alcoholic, suffering from sleep apnea, divorced from his wife (Maria Bello) and apathetically settling court-appointed cases for a few bucks. Everything changes when a stranger (Nina Arianda) brings him a quickie case that turns out to be related to a major company with shady government ties represented by Billy's former partner Donald Cooperman (William Hurt), the head of a cutthroat firm that also employs Billy's ex. Soon, Billy's trying to straighten himself out and rekindle the sparks of his genius, but as the case gets more twisted,

Amazon and Netflix as well as Hulu and Acorn have changed the way we use our television. I began to learn about binge watching when I found programs on Netflix. I was happy that they would release all the episodes at once so I could watch it at my leisure as many episodes as I wanted at a time. I started with Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. Then saw Orange is the New Black and Grace and Frankie. It made my tv watching easy and on my demand. Now that I can stream Amazon I am enjoying Goliath. It is intelligent with great writing. I recommend it.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Sitting by the fire

Finally a quiet day. After having coffee with my friends and going to physical therapy I spent an hour sitting in front of the fire and reading the latest Fanny Flagg book. Ahhh....

Sadie's new medicine seems to be working. She has actually gotten up a few times on her own and walked a little.