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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The pashmina story

Jeanne Robertson is a hoot! There are many clips of her southern comedy on Youtube and every one of them makes me laugh out loud. I love a Southern accent, after all I was born in Georgia and all my mother's family is from there. Please enjoy this hilarious video.


Fall pictures





I didn't take this picture of an acorn but oh, how I wish I did. There are phenomenal photographers out there and many images can be found all over the web.

I love Pinterest. I don't pin or collect photos myself but I love the pictures gathered by others. In any category you can find lovely photographs.




Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Niagara Falls





The gang's all here.

Taking a picture

Ryan and the kids go camping.


Am I rushing things?

The green of the hills is beginning to fade as the true colors of the leaves show themselves.  When I taught third grade they were always amazed at the fact that we only get to see their true colors in the fall when they stop making chlorophyll.
    Fall is a beautiful time here in Pennsylvania.  We have warm days, but cool crisp nights which makes good sleeping weather. Tonight is going to have our first freeze I fear and the summer plants that I have been trying to save will be done for. Tomorrow I will empty all the rest of the containers and put them away for now.
   This was a good organizing day. I cleaned out the linen closet and then went through all my makeup and organized it. How do I accumulate so much? My new rule is “don’t buy it unless you need it”. I love lipsticks and eye shadows and now have enough to makeup a whole runway show for fashion week.
    I stopped by my eye doctor’s office today since I’ve been noticing that my glasses are not giving me the clear vision that I need. I had cataract surgery in that eye and I have an appointment next week to see if I have developed the “after cataract”.  That would account for the blurriness and cloudiness in my vision.  If so, I’ll have a laser treatment and that should improve it. I only have this one good eye and I need to take very good care of it. (I do have another eye…LOL>>> It just isn’t good for reading or seeing well. ) 
     Don is back from taking Sadie for a walk up at the Marilla Reservior.  Yesterday I walked her all around the lake.  She loved it. And it was good for me too.
    I hope that you are enjoying these lovely days and making the most of the good weather. 

time stands still 2

september quote

fall decorations 009

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My little Frenchy bathroom

For more than thirty of the years we lived on Chatham Lane we only had one bathroom. And we made do. We timed ourselves in the morning to use this one room by staggering our schedules. It never seemed to be much of a problem. Well, there were those emergencies when having another one would have been a great help. Like the time both my husband and I got salmonella poisoning at the same time. He will never forgive me for sharing my chicken salad sandwich with him.

When we added on having another bathroom was a priority. We knew it would be extremely small. But it would save us from tramping all the way to the other end of the house. And save on my living room carpet too.

I had a lot of fun decorating this one.

All of these pictures I took when we were in San Francisco. I found the cute border with an Eiffel Tower at Lowes.

It was fun to add some towels on which I sewed some black checked borders.

I also sewed the curtains and tied them with ribbon. I stenciled the fleur de lis on the shade.

There are a few Frenchy items on the window sill.

And of course the requisite books and magazines nearby. I can't imagine a bathroom without them.

I have noticed that the French theme keeps recurring in my decorating schemes. I love being reminded of my two trips tp France.



Monday, September 15, 2014

Which side are you on?


I love to shop and I'll admit it. I call it "seeing pretty things". Where I love there aren't a lot of shops and the ones that are here have mostly cointry decorations which are not my style. So when I get to a big city or to visit with my sisters I love to visit my favorite stores just to see what' snow. I can always find those one or two unique things that will fit in perfectly in my home. In fact ninty nine percent of the things I own came from out of town.

But lately I've found myself with a feeling of contentment. Maybe it started when I began to rid myself of outdated and no longer wanted items from my attic Nd basement. It felt good to make space and not worry about that "stuff"anymore.

Then I adopted a new philosophy called...love what you have, use what you have. Instead of buying more I tried to use what I have in different ways. I realized that I have so many placemats, napkins, napkin rings, plates and dishes that the combinations could go on forever. I didn't need any more even though I've seen cute ones in the stores.

I'm just happy to have what I have. And have less. It's a new concept for me. I know there are many others who have reached this place long before I did. How about you? Are you on the collecting side of life or the ridding side?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

All you have to do is look around

fall 2014 007

All you have to do is look around and you can tell that fall is here.  Slowly there seem to be more leaves on the ground and they are beginning to color.
   This year I will get to try my leaf blower on all those leaves that congregate on my courtyard pavers. It’s been very effective this summer blowing off the debris and I’m hoping that it will be equally great on the leaves.
   fall 2014 009

The pond is still. Don cleaned it out for the winter  but there will be more leaves to fill it up as the season progresses. 
fall 2014 011
Don’t you just love how those brave little pansies just won’t give up?  They are still putting out blooms even though the weather is turning colder.

fall 2014 001

Sadie is the queen of the backyard and in this picture you can see the
dead coneflower heads and that I need to get that sprinkler put away.  Little by little I have been putting away the summer things. We store some of them in the extra basement room and some in the shed behind the garage. The rest we gather together and throw a tarp over for the winter. 

Yes, fall is here and we are gathering and storing.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our house, our home

It's more than just a house. We've lived here for over forty years. I was seven months pregnant with Ryan when we moved here. The first house we bought was taken over so that a new interstate could be built through town. We found this brick house and were the first ones to look at it. There was no negotiation. We loved it at first sight. It had everything we wanted in a house...brick and stone construction, a fireplace, and a nice neighborhood. I actually grew up a mile down the road. It is on an almost private street and peaceful.

We really didn't make many changes to it until 2006 when we put on the addition. There was new roofing and driveway paving but other than that it has served us well.


It isn't a large home but it is cozy. And now that the rain has forced us indoors I am so happy to cuddle in my home.


Edith Sitwell
“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
Edith Sitwell

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Friday, September 12, 2014

App happy Wednesday

I love apps. They are those applications that you can add to your phone or tablet that allow you to explore many different ways of doing things. And the ones I like best are the photo manipulation apps.

It's fun to take your ordinary photo and apply special effects and turn it into something completely different. Different apps allow you to do different things. You can add a frame, add different filters to change the colors in your photo, you can create a sketch,

Now I have found a website that loves apps as much as I do. It's Keeping Up With the Times. Every Wednesday she allows us to share our creations during App Happy Wednesday. This is my first time joing her party.

I took a picture from our recent trip to Niagara Falls and gave it different feelings.


For this one I used mobile Monet. It's a very simple app. You put in your picture and it changes it to a sketch. Then you rub your finger over the picture and the color comes back. You can control the amount of color by your finger pressure and the amount of color you want. Simple, but really fun.


This app, Waterlogue, took us by storm. It's the best watercolor app out there and makes any picture into a water color painting.


No, those birds weren't really there. I added them and the mood with Distressed Fx. Clever, yes?

I didn't really get up at dawn. Lens Light allowed it to look that way though.

I love playing with photo apps. Try it.