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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Sorry I went missing without a previous warning. Everything's ok in fact great. I'm having a ball with my family. Today is Sara's fifth birthday party and yesterday I helped Jenny make fairy crowns for the girls.

Do you know how much fun that was for me? I haven't done a craft in quite a long time. I used to love making things and creating. Just sitting there doing girly things made my heart sing. We took an icy vine, put it In a ring and added flowers , burlap and ribbons. Today is the big pool party. Sara is so excited.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who's the alpha here?


Obviously Sadie is the dominant one in our relationship.

I have had dogs before but I never had the challenge of raising a Jack Russell Terrier. They have a reputation of being energetic and intelligence. But you have no idea until you see one in action. It is a constant battle to make sure that she doesn't get herself in trouble. She is six now so she is better than the first five years but still you have to be ever vigilant or she will find some trouble. She watches and waits and if you leave some food...or pills...or anything out where she can reach it you are courting trouble. She will get up on the kitchen chair and drink Don's coffee if he leaves the room. Just when you think you can trust her you are wrong.

She lets you know exactly what she wants by her looks or by being vocal. She will whine at you if she feels it is time to go for a walk.

I've read the dog training books and I know I have let her be the boss and think she can have an opinion about what she wants to do. But I like that I allow her to learn and be smart. Ok...I'm a pushover I admit it. Just love that dog. She needs this button.


Monday, August 24, 2015


Putting yourself out here on blogland takes a lot of nerve. When I first started blogging it was acting like a personal journal with pictures. I wanted to capture my life and have a record of it..since I knew my bad memory wouldn't remember the things I did and the way I felt. I did it only for me..and maybe my family if they were interested. I don't live an extraordinary life. I don't do amazing crafts to share with the world. I'm not into fashion. I'm just a gal from western Pennsylvania.

Then I had a few people reading me. Mostly family. Sometimes friends. Occasionally I had visitors fom strange places and foreign countries. I figured they were just curious. Then I started gttting some regular readers. And finaly some commenters and through that have become freinds with a few bloggers. I value those friendships.

One of my friends shared something personal about herself today on her blog. It made me think how my image is portrayed on this platform. Usually I keep the really personal stuff to myself. But today I'm sharing some little known facts about my life. Not deep down secrets but just some little tidbits so you can know me better.

....I was such a tomboy when I was little. I spent one summer up in a tree in my bathing suit with a stick pretending I was Jane of the jungle.

.....I always liked people and being around people. I loved college because no matter what the time there was always someone to talk to.

....I once was hit by lightening. I was in my basement taking clothes out of the washing machine when lightening struck nearby and came into the house, through my thumb and out my waist. I had red marks there. It didn't hurt except where it went in and out.

.....I was very athletic as a teenager and loved to play basketball, field hockey, and ride horses.

.....I took piano lessons for only two years but continued to teach myself afterwards by buying my own books.

...I once had something published in Victoria magazine. It was a little story about my husband's romantic gesture.

....we each have these little moments in our lives. What is one little fact that I don't know about you? For those of you who never comment. Just choose anonymous after clicking comment below. I'd love to hear from you.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

I feel it coming

I can feel it. Fall is sneaking up on me. I've always love the Autumn season best. I brag how I love the plaid colors, love the crisp air, like putting on layers and scarves. But this year..not so much. I don't want fall to come so soon. It seems the summer should last longer. We get a late start to summer since our last frost is usually Memorial day. It's been a great summer but I'd like it to stay just a while longer. I feel time passing...so quickly now. I'm a carpe diem kind of gal and now I want to cram in all I can before the weather gets bad.

Speaking of scarves here's a little scarf storage trick I saw on Pinterest. I wish I had a space for this. I do have a hanging scarf storage plastic hanger with pockets that works. I'm crazy about scarves.


And here is something that looks interesting to try. Dip pine cones in paint and when they are dry they look like porcelain.

How do you feel about the coming season. Are you ready? And when do you start putting up your fall decorations? What is your favorite season?


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Random Saturday


I wanted to get a shot of the courtyard at night and took this one with my iPad. Of course it didn't turn out so well so I got out my big girl camera but the battery needed charging. I find I hardly am using it since the iPad is so much quicker...but not as good.

Another drone shot of our town square at night.


Trying out a new app.

I was going through some old pictures to take to the reunion and came across this one of me. I don't have very many of me as a child.


Friday, August 21, 2015

A flower gif

I was so envious of Tammy's gif I had to try one for myself. Tammy, I think I need a tutorial...it turned out too small.



animated gifs photo: flower gifs creative-----flowers--gifs--Pebbles-1--BORROWED-picfor-me----flower--Pink-Only--butterflies-and-flowers_mediumjpg.gif

Sadie at the vet


Does she look nervous? Today we took Sadie to Buffalo..about an hour and a half trip..to the Orchard Park Animal Hospital..for a recheck. The doctor was pleased with how she is doing. They were worried that since she had the disease so long she might not recover but she is doing well. He did mention that it might have been Lupus sine that test registered high also. Either way we are treating her the same. He cut her steroids in half and she no longer needs to take an antacid with it. That means only a half a pill a day. She behaves so well when we are there and I am proud of her. Now she is able to go on walks which will make her very happy since she has been bugging me about it every day. SHe doesn't relent until I get out there. It's very good to have someone hounding me to exercise.

On the way back we stopped at Tim Horton's for breakfast/brunch. I sat down with my tea and the new Oprah magazine and now I'd better get something done. Enjoy your day.