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Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on the 10th

All you have to do is take ten frames of any day of the month and post it on the tenth of the month. So here are ten photos of Christmas things I couldn’t bear to put away yet. 10 on the tenth 1.13 001 My new binoculars. I like to keep a pair handy to look at the birds or up in the woods. They are also handy for plays when I don’t have the best seat in the house. 10 on the tenth 1.13 002 These icy wreaths…not a very good shot, sorry…stay up in January. They seem to fit the icy, snowy landscape outside.
10 on the tenth 1.13 003
And I love the beaded icy wreaths on the backs of the chairs in the wintertime.
10 on the tenth 1.13 005 This glass snowy pinecone lends a winter feel to the sunroom.
10 on the tenth 1.13 006 This happy set of holly dishes is just right for hot cocoa and a treat on those cold, cold days.
10 on the tenth 1.13 007
And I couldn’t part with my new arrangement from Jan Williams, in fact it may stay out permanently. 

10 on the tenth 1.13 008
And this snowman wreath can certainly stay out a while longer.

10 on the tenth 1.13 010 I decided to put lights at my windows to cozy up the dark winter.
10 on the tenth 1.13 012 The little French tree was just too cute to put away so I put it in my frency bathroom. 10 on the tenth 1.13 004
One last thing, this garland from Ashecombe’s which lends a woodsy air to the candle-eir.

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