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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random Saturday thoughts

Don’t you just love this?
Downton Abbey Season 3...are you ready?

Winter wreathWinter decorated garden tablesWinter planter ideaHang twinkling Christmas lights on a fountain or stone wall in the garden to create a striking winter focal point from your patio or porch. Even if it’s too cold to entertain outside, you''ll enjoy the soft cozy glow through the windows. Fantastic lighting any time of year!

Susan Branch


  1. Love the New Year's toast and the other lovely pictures. I have to also tell you that the things you couldn't put up after Christmas are so lovely that I would have had trouble packing them away too. Christmas ends to quickly. And the things you left out are so winter-cheering.

  2. Rebecca8:17 PM

    I also have left several holiday decorations. When I decorated in November my side door decoration was to be left up all winter. Likewise in my summer kitchen I have my large bear standing in front of two Christmas trees with only lights and no ornaments. Both areas look nice and wintry not Christmasy.

    I am having trouble with my word for the year. I am considering excellence to remind me to reach for the stars.


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