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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What’s your word for 2013?

Many people choose a word for the year to represent what they hope to achieve or focus on during the next 365 days. As I was deciding on a word I mulled over a few thoughts. This year I want to concentrate on having more energy. That would include exerting myself more, moving around and getting more things done, and getting excited about my life. But the word energy or energize didn’t seem to encompass all that I was seeking. Then I found my word:




keen relish; hearty enjoyment; gusto.


an agreeable or piquant flavor imparted to something.


anything added to impart flavor, enhance one's appreciation, etc.


piquancy; interest; charm.


liveliness or energy; animating spirit.

Now that’s a word! I love that it means gusto. That feeling of aliveness and awareness That exuberant spirit. It means being animated, not passive. In the past few years I have settled into a lower key life. It’s quite enjoyable and full of great pleasures. But I would love to see the excitement come back again. I do try to keep learning new things on my computer  in an attempt to stave off senility. But this should be the year that I accomplish some dreams. Each year I vow to pick up a paint brush and express myself with art. This is the year that I should do that. There is nothing stopping me but my fear of failure. This year I would like to live a life of zest.

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