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Monday, January 21, 2013

The best of 2012

January 2012  Celebrating birthdays with your friends is the best!
birthday lunch 9.11 035There couldn’t be a February post without a little snow.
february 2.12 winter 021

March 2012 This is my friend Joan. I treasure my coffee group friends that meet every morning. They are a great support system and I couldn’t get along without them.

joan sunshine

April 2012 Our family trip to Orlando. It was the first vacation we had ever had together. What fun!

May 2012 The summer was just beginning. It is so nice to bring the summer table out of storage and begin the al fresco eating.
landscaping 5.31.12 004

June 2012. We sold the Jacuzzi and created an office for me.
new computer room 6.12 006

July 2012 and here is Sadie. She is so devoted and loving I don’t know how I ever lived without her.
sadie sitting 7.12.2012 008
August 2012 was when my dream of having new landscaping finally came true. We found a wonderful landscaper who really listened to my vision. I was so happy when it was completed and am looking forward to spring to see all the blooms.

landscaping tatiana is up 026

I don’t talk a lot about my wonderful husband on the blog but he is my rock. This picture from September 2012 shows his making his famous and delicious chili.
chili 9.25.12 003

This was the defining moment for me in October 2012. My car went out of control and hydroplaned causing me to weave all over the road and into a ditch. It was scary and still gives me chills to think about what might have happened. It made me appreciate every single day from then on and be glad that I am still here to enjoy it.
accident two 002

This poem illustrated by Susan Branch was posted in November 2012. I think it tells how I feel about my home. I have lived in the same house since 1973 and it has grown along with me. My decorating tastes have changed over the years but the warm feelings that this house has given have continued each and every year. It is a cozy house, full of items which were hand picked by me and give me comfort and peace. It is a place of peace.

This picture from December 2012 of me and my camera sums up what this journey of blogging is all about. I began blogging in 2006 to create a documentation of my life. As memories fade I wanted to have it on record. Not every day was outstandingly memorable, but looking back I can see how I spent my time and what things meant a lot to me. Blogging has been one of my greatest pleasures. I started it out just for me but I am pleased to have other readers. As my blogging grew I learned to be a better photographer. I have gained so much inspiration from fellow bloggers and have improved my techniques over the years. I hope to continue blogging in the future years.

a beginner

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  1. I'm going to show Katie your Sadie's picture! Katie doesn't have any brown on her but otherwise they look a lot alike, naturally, and even sit alike!


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