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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


nate textured

I am taking a class online with Kim Klassen called Beyond Layers.  I can’t say enough good things about Kim and how she has inspired and taught me during this last year to create, journal, photograph and document my life. Each week she sends messages which urge me to try out different techniques and see things in different ways. On her website kimklassencafe.com she hosts Texture Tuesday where she posts pictures from her readers following a theme. This week’s theme is Cuppa Love, showing a cup and using some of her textures. I am showing my picture of a simple black mug. I have many cups for my tea ranging from delicate antique flowered dainty tea cups to thick Chinese red substantial cups to blue and white Royal Copenhagen fine china. But after reading this Nate Berkus book I felt that the simplistic lines of the solid black cup showed that design doesn’t have to be fancy. The mercury glass ball is leftover from Christmas but too pretty to put away. The quote on the book front is from Steve Jobs. I used Kim’s textures reentry and chaos.

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  1. Your class sounds interesting. Please keep us posted as you learn new things that can help us to "see" better too. I really like the look of what you've put together on the Berkus book.


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