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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Tis the week after Christmas and all through the house

tennessee christmas 2012 244 The bustle and hustle of December is over. Ahh, doesn’t it feel good? After being gone over the holiday it’s great to be back home and begin the January organizing and putting the house back in order. tennessee christmas 2012 239

There are a few things I couldn’t stand to put away yet. I used the icicle lights over my hutch. I love white lights and wanted to look at these a while longer. I also left the table setting to add some red to the white landscape outside. tennessee christmas 2012 242

I did take away all the decorations that screamed holiday and turn the sunroom back into a garden santuary again. tennessee christmas 2012 245 The hutch is emptied and needs a little rearranging. But that’s for another day.

How is your house? Have you finished with your decorations and have them put away. I did the sunroom today and the kitchen yesterday and tomorrow hopefully I can put everything in bins to go to the attic.

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  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    My sister always says she enjoys putting the decorations away as much as she enjoys taking them out.


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