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Saturday, August 09, 2014


For those who care just a little update. My throat has been unusually sore for the past few days after an endoscopy to stretch my esophagus. It's a long story..choking six times, seven endoscopes, ulcers in stomach and esophagus and now stretching. I'm taking meds for the ulcers so those are all gone. It is the scar tissue in the esophagus which narrowed it and caused the choking. It is a very scary thing and several times I thought that I would not survive. The last three procedures stretched the esophagus with a balloon but they can only do a small bit at a time so they don't tear the esophagus. I talked to the dr today and asked why time I was having so much pain. He explained that he stretched it more than he had ever done. It was only fifty percent when he started this time and he stretched it to eighty. That is a s far as he will go for fear of rupturing it. So no more procedures for me. There is a surgery that could be done in extreme cases but not recommended. I hope that it has taken care of the problem. It's been a journey. I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband to help me through this.

Also it was a very sad day yesterday as we finally had to put our diabetic cat down. He wasn't improving as he should and we thought it the best decision. He was the most wonderful cat on the planet and I miss him so.


Sorry for all the sad news. But I know you all understand and have been through things yourselves.



  1. thank you for your health update.... i have wondered about, how your issues were going... but didn't ask... thank you for telling us.

    having had numerous gut problems myself, and their ancillary issues, i am so sorry that you have had to suffer through so much. -sigh- hope that the procedures and medication and following diet suggestions, will relieve you of this!!!

    yes it is wonderful to have a supportive husband!!!!!!!!!

    lots and lots of gentle hugs,

  2. Peggy, I'm so sorry to read about all the pain you've been through with these procedures. I hope you now begin to heal and feel better soon. My love to you and a kiss to Sadie, I love her new picture above.

  3. Rebecca10:55 PM

    I am so sorry for your health challenges. I hope you get some relief now. Thank heaven for Don. I am also sorry to hear of the death of your wonderful cat. We are going through the end of life with our beloved Murphy.


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