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Friday, May 24, 2013

Blame it on the rain

,Today I stopped at an estate sale on my way home from my morning coffee get together with my friends. After our really warm days a few days ago it has gotten colder...forty one degrees this morning with rain. The house was small but had the usual assortment of kitchen items, furniture, bedding, and decorations. Since I am currently on a mission not to add to my household belongings I carefully perused through the rooms. I quickly walked past the Christmas decorations knowing full well that my attic is already storing way more than I need. And no more cooking items are needed either. But then I spotted this gem. 
What could this be?

Oh, it's an umbrella in its own case. 

How beautiful!

And look at this. The case can be turned inside out to make a tote and the umbrella can be zipped into the bottom. How clever..

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  1. THAT is a great buy!!! It was meant for YOU to have this :)


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