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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Long Island medium

Do you watch Theresa Caputo the Long Island medium?  I've always believed in life after death but I think she proves it. You may be a sceptic and that's all right but I am convinced that the dead are able to communicate with some tuned in people. And I definitely know that my deceased father opened a bottle of wine for me and my sisters. We were debating weather or not to drink one of the few remaining bottles of his homemade wine. And a few minutes later we heard a crash. When I went inside my last bottle which had been sitting in the wine rack had been popped open and nary a bit spilled. Dad always loved it when the three sisters were having a good time together and we think it was his way of saying...enjoy the moment. 


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

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  2. I so believe that there are those that have the gifts to communicate and see ahead....Theresa has done so much for so many.

    And yes!! Your Dad surely was there :)


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