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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Power washing the courtyard

It's a happy day when the porch swing comes out. I am very proud of it. I had an old one that I really loved but as with most things it soon became unusable and needed replaced. Don has a good friend who does amazing woodworking so he built us one with the exact dimensions as the old one. The neatest part is that he used the wood from an alder tree that he had actually planted himself when he was a young boy.
Don hosed off the courtyard with the power washer and I cleaned out the lion fountain and started it up. Sadie loves it when someone is using the hose and spends the entire time barking and begging to be squirted. It isn't exactly warm enough for that yet.

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  1. I love your water fountain! That dear lion head! And a beautiful swing; I can understand why you're glad it's swing time again. Katie Belle is so like Sadie and loves the hose, tries to bite the water.

    Ah, spring!


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