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Friday, May 31, 2013

I think we’re just about finished

Today was just a day of relaxation for me. It was another hot day, 82 degrees, and I decided that I wasn’t gardening today. So I stayed inside mostly and took care of house business with occasional sits on the porch swing to enjoy the warm (ok, the hot) breeze coming through the breezeway. Our help came and carried some of the wood up to the burning pile. It needs to dry out so that we can begin to burn it up. It was old cut wood that had been there for a long time and wasn’t good for anything else.
    We have no plans for the weekend and I’m really happy about that. I’ve got to rest up for my onslaught of company coming. Linda will be here Friday night and then Ryan and family are coming on Wednesday. If I’m not blogging as much you will know that I’ll be busy.
  I hope that you all enjoy this lovely weekend and the start to our summer.

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  1. Hi Peggy! It turns out that I have access to the internet after all ~ in the lobby of the funky old hotel we are staying at in Honolulu. I'm glad that you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We're in Honolulu tonight and tomorrow night. Then one night in Vegas. Then home. I'm always sad and glad to get home. The garden cartoons cracked me up! So true! Have an enjoyable few days before your company arrives. I'm going to be catching up on posts when I get home. Take care!


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