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Monday, July 28, 2014

Br-br-Bradford summer

We had a very cold spell today..down to sixty two with rain and wind. I used the time to catch up on indoor chores and read the Daniel Silva book...The Heist. It felt like Autumn and reminded me that the cold weather will be here before you know it. All the more reason to try to do things outdoors. And enjoy the beauty while it lasts. Are you a carpe Deim kind of gal?






  1. beautiful...

    i want to be that kind of a gal!!!!!


  2. after weeks of near 100 temps ... and heat indexes caused by the humidity of well over 100 ...
    we are supposed to have a 'cool down' of only in the 80's this week! YAYAYYYY!!! and wonder of wonders...
    maybe even some rain! so i'm a happy camper!
    just want to say here dear heart... i may not visit this beautiful place of yours every day but when i do...
    i always .. make that ALWAYS catch up with any and all the posts i have missed. please know that.
    the ones of the tiny escape artist i especially love. LOLOL. what a sweetheart she is. her expressive little face.
    snoopy hugs to you both! xoxo


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