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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sadie in the summer

crook farm july 14 023

If only Sadie could talk. She has a way of letting you know exactly what she wants that’s for sure. She loves to sit on the porch swing with me while I read, of course with her head on the pillow.
crook farm july 14 040
She’s always snooping…just looking for trouble. We fenced in our back yard a few months after we got her. That is after she ran away clear up into the woods and I thought she would never stop running.
crook farm july 14 043

The fence didn’t exactly keep her in for long. Daily she checked the perimeter and if a gate was accidently left open out she ran.
crook farm july 14 044
Or if she found she could squeeze her body through the openings in the railing of the porch…bye, bye.
crook farm july 14 045

So we have to be careful and make sure Houdini has no way of escaping.  One night near dark I heard her barking viciously and checked to find her outside the fence. I couldn’t see her but I heard a commotion and thrashing like a big animal was tearing down the weeds.  Then across the back of the fence ran a little bear cub. I think Sadie had tangled with the momma.
  Oh yes, Sadie is a sweet dog. But Jack Russells can’t be trusted to make good decisions. So we check the fence like the Wichita Lineman.

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  1. pets are lovely...

    but pets are also work...

    if one loves them, that is...

    there are way too many %*&^(^%$ people, who do not care, and do not worry, and do not take good care of their animals.


    but sadie is a lucky dog. her people love her and take care of her!!!!!!!



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