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Friday, July 11, 2014

Rebecca's Garden

I knew this day would be special when I saw the Jane Austen quote by the back door.


I had been reading Becky's family blog Forever Bingham for a few years and always enjoyed her recounting of family activities. I've know her so long I don't remember exactly how we met. She was also an elementary teacher in Bradford. Becky is also a Master Gardener and I had been wanting to see her gardens I person and was so happy for the invitation for lunch. My friends Joan and Frannie also rode up the hill to Becky's house with me.

When you walk past the entrance fountain all your cares and troubles will be gone," said Becky as we entered her house. And how right she was.

Becky and John have lived in this renovated schoolhouse for over forty years. It is a charming home that exactly matches her personality. It is full of interesting things to look at everywhere your eyes roam.

The first thing that caught my eye was the silver tea service. Everyone likes a cup of tea but Becky has elevated it to an art form. She is an expert in serving tea, proper etiquette, and genteel manners. She has given talks to various groups and demonstrated the proper way to prepare and serve tea. She also speaks on many other subjects and is well requested around town.


Becky's love of antiques is evident throughout her house where small displays greet you in every corner.

There were quotes and art work everywhere and the house sung of Becky's touches. But even more delightful than the house was the outdoor gardens. The first thing we did was head to the gazebo for drinks and humorous chatting. John acted as our butler and cook and brought us drinks on a tray. Becky often referred to hom as Carson.


Frannie was looking beautiful on the Victorian swing.


You can see the gazebo and the flower bed full of Shasta daisies, lilies and even a flower called turtle head. Then we had a tour of the rest of the property including the small playhouse and the picnic grounds.

After sitting on the wicker furniture on the new front porch for a while it was time to sit on the back porch for lunch. Becky's flowers were amazing.


Lunch was served...by Crason...under the umbrella table.

And what a delicious lunch it was...deviled eggs, stffed chicken breast with sauce, tomato and cucumber salad, melon and for dessert walnut brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yummy!




And did I mention that all the glassware, silverware, dishes and serving pieces were unique and special? Becky treated us like royalty. John was very proud of this special arched doorway going in the house.


One of the highlights for me of the day was when we had a hen party in Becky's bathroom trying out hair products. We were like a bunch of sorority sisters. We talked and talked for hours and had the best time. My many thanks go to Becky and Carson for such a delightful day.


My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.

Jane Austen



  1. What a lovely afternoon you had with your friends. Some people have a gift for feathering their nests. Have a happy weekend!

  2. late in getting to this party. but wanted you to know how much i enjoyed it! LOVELY!!! so lovely. thanks!


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