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Thursday, July 17, 2014

There is nothing like a dame

She's all girl And so sweet. Naturally I'm talking about my granddaughter Sara. There are certain things I never got from my boys. Like when we sat down at Chick Fil a and the first thing she said was about the beautiful flowers on the table. And how she had to pick out just the right shade of nail polish for me to do her toes. And the way she encouraged me to ride the roller coaster....just try, she said. When I said I was scared she grabbed my hand with both of hers and said...I'll hold your hand...and when I said I was scared she placed both her hands over my eyes and said...just close your eyes. And how she picked out Anna for her toy. It's great to be around a girl!



  1. little girls are such fun!

    though you didn't get one, first time around... so happy you got a grand daughter.

    which is perhaps more fun! cause you can have her company, for happy times. and not have to be around all the time, to deal with the not-so-happy-times too. :-)

  2. my mother and i were literally best friends our whole lives. i never went through that teenaged stage of disliking her.
    i always wanted to be around her. she was stylish and witty and well... just fun! i miss her to this day. lost her when i was 26 and she was just 52.
    i'm like tessa though... maybe it's even more fun with a little grand daughter. your job is to spoil her rotten after all! LOLOL. xoxo


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