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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Great news

I just had to share this good news. My oldest son Chris is getting remarried in October and has just bought a new house.

It is not far from where he lives now and Michele will be within a few miles of her new job at a dialysis center. She just graduated from nursing school.

It has a pool in the back...guess where grandma will be next summer.


The landscaping is lovely. I'm sure they will all be happy there.



  1. What a beautiful house! And moving in during October will mean they can be settled by the holidays, so nice.

    I love the wraparound porch! And yes, that swimming pool will be calling in the troops!

  2. what wonderful news...
    and beautiful pictures!
    oh my!
    and YES! that porch.
    and the pool.

  3. Chris and Michelle will sit on that beautiful porch, in their rocking chairs,rocking together in sync....holding hands :)


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