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Friday, September 25, 2015



I arrived here in Fredericksburg, Virginia this afternoon to spend the weekend with my sister Linda. Here she is fixing peppers for roasting. And what a surprise...my sister .diane is going to be able to come too from Raleigh and will be here very soon I am so excited that the three of us will be together. Since we live so far apart it doesn't happen all that often. We will have a ball!! These are Linda's fall dishes..so beautiful.



  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Oh, Peggy, what fun!!! So glad you arrived safe and sound. Please give Linda and Diane my best. I'll keep checking here over the weekend, but I'm thinking you will be too busy and too exhausted at night to blog. Happy shopping!!!

  2. i'm always so happy for you to get to visit your sisters! you all have so much fun!

  3. Don't think there will be many siestas taken, while you three are together!!!!! :-)

  4. You sisters have fun, but then I know you will! Your sister's kitchen is beautiful!

  5. How great it is that Diane will be with you!! Sisters together...always :)


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