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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Wouldn’t you like to have just one day in the past recorded. It might have been just an ordinary day in your life. Nothing special. Just one of those days where you went about your daily business. We always take pictures at special occasions, when we are dressed up and at our best. But we don’t remember those regular times doing dishes or fixing dinner or reading. How I would have loved to have a picture of my mom standing at the stove getting dinner ready for the family, just having an ordinary conversation with me about my day. Our minutes are precious and don’t all have to be special.
  That is the theory behind Xanthe’s course that I’ve been taking. Just record a day. A regular, ordinary day. She has asked everyone to participate in recording in photos, videos, or journals what you were doing on 12/12/12.

In Xanthe’s words….

’m inviting you to make your own Time Capsule. Make it your way. That’s the beauty of it. We all have our own tale to tell… Through video, photos, writing. Whatever! Let’s use this historic day of 12.12.12 to focus on being present. Really be present in the moment, recognising and acknowledging our everyday lives and deciding what we want to remember. The beauty is, you’ll then have this day in your life to look back on

My day was ordinary with a few bits of extraordinary fun. I went to the eye doctor (ordinary) and a Kinzua Kuties Christmas luncheon. (extraordinary. Then I took my Sadie for a walk (ordinary) and played on the computer (ordinary). Now I’ll put it all together in a
movie/picture show with music. I’ll post it later.

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