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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Everyone could use a laugh now and then

Did you ever wonder if a sense of humor is an inherited trait? It seems that some families are born with a natural talent for seeing the funny side of life. They laugh a lot, tell jokes, and play pranks on each other all in good fun. They can make a simple trip to the supermarket sound like a comedy routine. They have the gift of gab and can hold their audience at attention as long as they can talk. They smile a lot, are funny, and we love to have them around because they raise the attitude of the room with their happiness and belly laughs. 
  Then there is the quieter families, the more serious. They find things funny in a simpler way, appreciating irony and the finer points of juxtaposition. It isn’t that funny things don’t happen to them, it’s just that they don’t go around telling everyone about them and laughing. Once in a rare while they have a laughing fit and it feels great but on a daily basis a smile is as big as it gets. They don’t want to hold center stage and will rarely tell a joke and never to a large audience. Maybe they will pass one on in an email or tell a close friend.
   Where do you fit? Are you the humorous family or the quieter one?

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