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Friday, December 21, 2012


Today I attended a luncheon at my friend Frannie’s home. I can’t believe that I forgot my camera because the house was decorated so beautifully for Christmas. So I will try to describe the afternoon with words.

Five reasons to love visiting Frannie:

1. Frannie is by far the best hostess in the world. She is exuberant and always cheerful and it is obvious that she loves having company. She was dressed with a beautiful poinsettia sweater for the occasion with jingly earrings and a blingy bracelet.  She arranges everything with such grace that the afternoon flowed with good conversation and great food.  

2. Speaking of the food, we enjoyed such a delicious luncheon. First we chose our beverage and were served a white or black Christmas tea. We began our meal with a colorful jello salad. Homemade chicken noodle soup was just perfect for such a cold day and the egg salad croissant sandwiches made by her husband tasted so good. For dessert we had red velvet cake or pound cake.

3. The table was a delight. Frannie has a large dining room with a long table which was decked with a runner and matching placemats. The red napkins were in a variety of napkin rings in the shape of deer or crystal red and green berries. The china with its holly pattern was just perfect for the occasion and the centerpieces of Christmas balls and candles gave a wonderful ambience.

4. The house was bedecked with Christmas from the nutcracker collection in front of the fireplace to the trees with homemade needlepoint ornaments (made by Fran, of course). There were many trees each more festive than the last. It was hard to pick a favorite from the jewelry tree, the white tree in the kitchen, the living room tree, the large tree upstairs or the peacock tree in the dressing room. Everywhere you looked was filled with Santas, wreathes and angels Her beautiful home was shown in all its glory with her remarkable taste in decorations.

5. Friendship warmed the room as friends conversed and caught up on news around the table. At this holiday time it is important to connect with those you care about and Fran made this possible. Her love of people and her passion for entertaining was shown in all she did to make the afternoon special. We all received a beautiful musical ornament which we will treasure.

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  1. NICE!! Doesn't she sound like your twin? :)

    Merry Christmas!!


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