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Sunday, December 09, 2012


December 09 | Spontaneity

What was your last act of spontaneity?

When my sister and I were in Richmond last weekend we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens to see the beautiful light displays.

December 10 | Accomplish

What are the 10 things I'm most proud of accomplishing this year? What are 10 things on the to do list for next year?
Last year:
1. Served as Literary club president
2. Made crock pot apple butter for the first time
3. Took some online photography courses.
4. Tried to eat in a more healthy way
5. Kept exercising
6. Practiced being a better photographer
7. Created an office space for me
8. Got better organized
9. Learned to make videos
10. Learned to let go

Next year:
1. I’d like to take a formal photography course to improve my skills.
2. I’d like to take a vacation to Provence.
3. Get in shape for the trip
4. Plant a wonderful English garden
5. Take a trip with my family on a great vacation
6. Go on more house tours
7. Get stronger physically
8. go to more movies
9. Read more
10. Continue journaling by blogging

December 11 | Money

Where did you spend money through this year?
The two biggies were the landscaping and my new car.

December 12 | Joy

What activity brings you the most joy?
Being with my family always makes me the happiest.

December 13 | Try

What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try 2012? What happened when you did/didn't go for it.
I wanted to find a time to paint and I didn’t do it because I’m fearful of the results and let that hold me back.

December 14 | Relaxed

Where did you feel most relaxed?
Shopping with my sisters always relaxes me. We have such a good time and laugh a lot.

December 15 | Make

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?
I made a photo of my grandchildren into a black and white tinted canvas for my daughter in law. Yes, I wanted to make watercolor paintings but didn’t.

December 16 | Disappointment

What was the greatest disappointment of the year and how did you let go?
My greatest disappointment was that friends can let you down sometimes. 

December 17 | Spark

What in your current life or context provides the spark for the future that you want to create? Where do you see your future beginning?
My future looks fantastic. I want to do more of the same things that I have done since retirement and enjoy each and every day.

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December 18 | Bouquet

If you were to be brought a bouquet, what flowers would you want it to hold? Colourful? Monochromatic? Traditional? Modern?
A beautiful bouquet for me would include hydrangeas, tulips, Queen Anne’s lace and all the flowers of an English Garden.

December 19 | Cry

When did you cry?
Once in a while there is a day when tears come to my eyes for no apparent reason. Mostly it’s when I’m thinking about my parents who have passed and missing the times I shared with them.

December 20 | Health

Do you consider yourself to be in good health? What changes can you make to be at your most healthy?
I have had a number of issues heathwise since retiring. I had a cyst in my eye which developed into a macular hole which caused my vision to have huge waves in it. I thought that I would never get my eyesight back the right way. It’s not one hundred per cent, but much better now. I had skin cancer on my head which required a major surgery and skin graft. I have a recurring problem in my mouth called lichen planus which I have to fight monthly. I’ve had knee surgery. Despite these obstacles I consider myself in good health. Every checkup has numbers that come back great.

December 21 | Song

What were your favourite songs?
I like a variety of music from reggae to pop. Mostly easy listening, broadway show tunes, and groups like Celtic Thunder.

December 22 | Discovery

Did you discover something that surprised or delighted you? What was it?
It surprised me that I found the perfect statue for my garden at Lockwoods nursery.

December 23 | Alone

Have you had any alone time this year? Do you seek it? Does it make you comfortable or uncomfortable to be left alone with your thoughts? Where is the best place for you to be comfortable by yourself?
I rarely get alone time, but I like it that way. I’ve never been one who likes to be by myself. I prefer a lot of company, love entertaining, and get jazzed up in a crowd. I’ve always been an extrovert and get energized by being around people. But as I’ve gotten older I’m very contented to be alone and enjoy my own company.

December 24 | Photograph

Take some time and wander through all of the photos taken over the past year. Which is your favourite? What emotions do you associate with it? landscaping cut in 8.12 004 This picture is one of my favorites. The landscaping was finally finished after a summer of wondering if it would ever get done. I actually planned the whole thing myself and was thrilled when the plants were finally put in the ground. I am so happy with the way it turned out and it was a relief to see it completed.

December 25 | Gift

At this point in the year gift giving is everywhere. What is the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?
My most emotional gift is the constant love of my husband.

December 26 | Return

Is there a time to which you would like to return? Describe it: the sights, sounds, smells, who was there, what was going on. Why would you like to return?
I’d like to return to our vacation in Florida with the hustle of Disney and the relaxation of being in the rented house with all the family close together.

December 27 | Compliment

What is the greatest compliment you could give? Are you worthy of the same praise? I think saying you can trust someone with your inner thoughts and feelings and they will love you anyway is the greatest compliment. I hope that I am worthy of the same.

December 28 | Space

We all surround ourselves with the things we love. A few favourite things - a blanket, a lamp, a piece of art, a chair, a lovey - something inanimate that brings us happiness. What do you have in your personal space that brings about happiness? What is the story attached to it that has it in your sacred space? 
My favorite things would be books and magazines, a nice cup of tea or a cold drink, beautiful views during each season of the outdoors, And of course my computer which links me with wonderful creative women all over the web.

December 29 | View

Imagine that you can view yourself from above. Watch carefully. What are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish? As objectively as possible, are you going in the right direction?
I hope that I am going in the right direction which is to savor life.

December 30 | Year in Review

As you reflect back on the happenings of 2012, what were your high points and what were your low points? What do you notice as you look back on the year as a whole?
The high points of this year were definitely involving my husband, sons and their families, my sisters, and my in laws. There is nothing more important to me than family. The lows were being disappointed by someone.

December 31 | Moving Forward

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on January 1, 2014. Where do you want to be - in your heart, in your soul, in the world?
I would want to be just where I am now…happy and contented with my life.

If you are reading this and would like to tell me your answers I would love to hear them. It’s not easy sharing this intimacy with you but self discovery is a good thing.

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  1. Merry Christmas Peggy!!

    I read it all, scrolled all way down and....I am in Awe :) Plain and simply in awe of YOU....

    Love you Peggy!


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