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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


How sad I am today and angry that this kind of destruction has come to our country. My heart weeps for those involved, not just the immediate victims but also their families who will be dealing with the aftermath of this tragedy for years to come. It has taken away our feeling that we are safe. The purpose is not only to cause havoc but put fear in our minds. We have the best and most competent law enforcement and emergency responders in the world but no one can predict the unpredictable. I have confidence in the government's ability to ferret out those responsible. Please add special prayers today for those innocent victims whose happy day turned into horror.

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  1. Hi Peggy! Thank you for your post on this tragedy. I have been avoiding the news coverage because I've seen too much in recent months, including the theater tragedy in my own town of Aurora, Colorado. Thanks especially, for posting the photo of the little boy who was killed ~ his face I needed to see because he is like ever eight year old boy I taught. It's horrific, and I, of course have added the victims and their families to my thoughts and prayers. The only way to win in these events is to keep living your life and not give in to fear. As you said, "...no one can predict the unpredictable." We have to stand up against fear and loss of freedom. Most important of all, you have to tell the people you love and hold dear how much you love them ~ with lots of hugs ~ as often as you can. Take care!


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