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Monday, April 22, 2013

Look what happens on a sunny day

There was loads of sun today. I got up already feeling energized for some reason and you know when that hits you it's time to take advantage of ir. after coffee I walked Sadie so she wouldn't bug me later. Then I began a project....spring cleaning my kitchen. I washed the walls and ceiling, took down the curtains, washed and ironed those, washed all the window sills and cleaned off the screens, then dealt with all the decorations. I tried the elimination game...looking at each thing and asking myself what would happen if I let this go? How would I feel? Does this really represent me now? Like the lovely little rooster. Am I a rooster person now? I took a few things down to the cellar and I like the cleaner look. I am thinking of getting some lighter curtains for the summer. I think the motto for the summer is lighten up.


  1. You give me hope! I've just started tackling 25 years worth of bulletin board posters and pictures from teaching. I haven't had the heart to do it before now. All that money and effort ~ mostly hitting the recycling bin. The sun has come out after another snow storm last night and this morning. The melt is on! Have a good one!


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