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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tongue in Cheek

On of my favorite bloggers is Corey Amaro who lives in France. You can visit her blog Tongue in Cheek on my sidebar, I loved her post today about plates and the questions she asked. So I thought I'd answer the questions with some pictures of my plates.
Do you lick your plate clean? Never. I am one of those people who can only eat a little at a time so I'm always saving some for later. My mom told us a story from her childhood. She grew up on a farm in rural Georgia. In those days they rarely got company but when they did they would stay all day and of course you would invite them for supper. Since they were poor that would mean going to the barnyard and killing a chicken. In her large family they were always taught not to eat the last biscuit or to take the last helping. Her mom would always say....save some for Uncle John down the road. That meant that they needed to have something on hand if they got unexpected company.
When is the last time you ate off a paper plate? I'm not a big paper plate fan unless its one of those fancier plates with matching napkins used at some parties. We do use them for picnics when we take the boat out in the summer.

What do you prefer...white or colorful? The very first plates that I purchased after marriage were white pfaltzcraft heritage dishes. I loved the flat sides and utilitarian aspect. But I love color too! In fact, I love all kinds of plates and really have to restrain myself when I go in the stores.

Did you receive dishes when you got married? My Aunt Dorothy gave me a beautiful full set of white plates with blue flowers and silver. I should get those out and use them more. The cups are very dainty and Don never cared for them.

Here are some pictures of my plates.


  1. Rebecca10:15 PM

    I love dishes and I am a big believer in using your stuff. Why are we saving things for children who either don't care for it or who do not have the memories that come with our stuff. You knew and loved Aunt Minnie. You should be the one to use and enjoy Aunt Minnie's teapot. Don't save your stuff.

  2. Peggy, your plates are beautiful. I too love colored ones so am especially drawn to them. I do often wish for solid white ones to mix in and I admit that food can be styled beautifully on white. Those red and white ones must look lovely with the white ones on a table. I bet you use them at Christmas too.


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