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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Favorite things from Pinterest

Check out how real these tulips look. The best part is, they will be looking this good for a long time!

Isn’t this just the most divine table setting? It’s from Nell Hill. You can go to her blog from my sidebar and it will be worth the visit if you are at all interested in decorating. I’d love to be at this table for dinner.

This was for our table top show, in Kasas city. The theme, elegant outdoor party.

Here’s another table from Nell Hill. I have always loved the idea of having lights hanging above me when I eat. I have debated about getting some type of pergola out in my courtyard. But it is such a small space I’m afraid it wouldn’t work. But I’d love the idea of hanging lanterns above me.

This great quote reminds me that if you want change, you have to be willing to change. How often we do the same things over and over hoping for a different result.

Initialed Front Door Wreath
Love this front door wreath with an initial from Lookie what I did.

Flower planter for the front door

My front door needs a makeover. I like this idea.

I love this front door

How about some bright red paint?

september pictures 9.14.12 034
Here is the door in September. The yellow I chose was definitely the wrong color. It just washed out. I need something bright because it is under the porch in the dark most of the time. Black would not do. What do you think?

Oh hi pretty front door
I know this is winter but I want to steal this idea for next Christmas.


  1. I love the stone on your house! I even like your yellow door but you know best. I'm sure whatever you paint it will be great.

    I love that first Nell Hill table. You just can't beat blue and white dishes with yellow flowers.

    Makes me want to get back to pinning!

  2. You are light years beyond me in decorating talent, Peggy! I love beautiful, creative table settings, but with low objects. I enjoy most of all seeing the faces of all the people at the table. Have a good one!


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