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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Come on Spring

Another cold and gloomy day here in Bradford. It's 47 now but on Monday it should hit 71. As I look outside I plan in my head all the outside chores I want to get done...cleaning up the flower beds, burning some wood scraps, raking the yard and picking up the branches downed from the winter storms.
This morning Don and I went to an estate sale in a nearby town. Don was looking for local history books but only found books on the Civil War. The woman had been an artist and there were many water colors there. There was quite a crowd for such a bad day. We were in and out in good time finding nothing that we wanted to bring home. I am very discriminating about bringing things into The house. Since my goal is to get rid of things. In fact I should be spending the day today cleaning but you have to be in the mood for that and I'm not.
This is a picture of some colorful pots that I found at the garden center in Raleigh.


  1. The pots are certainly pretty. Do you mean you didn't buy even one of them too? I admire that you didn't get carried away at the estate sale, Peggy.

    I hope you do see some 70 degree temps next week, and oh, how I love that flameless candle you showed a couple of posts back! Candles can be such a risk but this is lovely and ambient without the risk of fire.

  2. What a colorful and beautiful image of the pots, Peggy! I'm on a mission to get rid of things at our home! I'm still dealing with piles of school things after retiring from teaching. As more and more time goes by, I can bear to let go of a few more things. It just feels so great when you can clear things out! I hope you get the warm weather you are longing for. We're looking at a snowstorm later today! Have a good one!


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