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Friday, June 21, 2013

Being a dog

We often joke that Sadie is more human than doglike. That was very evident these past two weeks when Ryan visited and brought his four month old Shitzu, Zoe. I've talked before about when Sadie was a pup and was so full of energy we often questioned if that breed was really the one for us. But she is so smart and devoted that we love her. Zoe was like having a stuffed animal. She was no trouble at all. She bounced around like a little ball of brown and white fur but never was a bother. Her energy was so low key compared to Sadie's nervous shaking and obsession on chipmunks. Sadie requires a walk every day. And she lets you know if you forget. She is a Jack Russell, after all. 


  1. Just precious gifts from God :)

  2. That's our excuse too. "She's a Jack Russell!" And then we shrug.


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