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Monday, June 03, 2013

Why Jack Russells deserve their bad reputation

In the previous post I thought it was rather cute how Sadie had staked out a spot where she saw a chipmunk. Only a few minutes later my aggregated husband came storming in the house calling to me, "Come see what your dog has done!"  (Yes, she's my dog when she's bad. ) she had dug up the rock around the pond which so happened to be covering the hose to the waterfall. She chewed the hose right in half!  Bad Sadie!  Not so cute now. I had to take her inside for a bath and she is confined to the house the rest of the day. Now Don has the additional chore of repairing the hose. 

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  1. Oh, Sadie, no! Katie Belle doesn't chew stuff but we've given up on her stalking the chipmunks and squirrels. Poor Don! I hope she learned her lesson but don't count on it. They are so sweet but also so stubborn.


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